Can you wear a wristwatch in Ihram?

Before performing the Hajj and Umrah, a pilgrim must enter into the state of Ihram, which is a state of spiritual purity. A pilgrim can express this state of purity by wearing special white clothing, also known as Ihram clothing. A person in the state of Ihram is known as a Muhrim, literally meaning “one who has made things forbidden upon him.” In this context, many things are forbidden for pilgrims during this sacred state. So, in this way, pilgrims become get a big confusion, “Can you wear a wristwatch in Ihram?” Read this topic completely till the end to remove this confusion.

According to Sharia, it is permissible to wear a wristwatch for a pilgrim while in Ihram. It depends upon the will of a pilgrim, as he wishes. If he wears a wristwatch while in Ihram, there is no haram in this action.

Wearing a wristwatch in the state of Ihram

According to Islamic laws, there is no sin for a Muhrim (a person who is in Ihram) to wear a wristwatch in the state of the Ihram.

Wearing it is not included in the prohibitions of Ihram, as stated by a number of contemporary scholars, such as Ibn Uthaymeen and Ibn Baaz. When the latter asked about the ruling of wearing a watch for the Muhrim, he answered: “Wearing a watch is like wearing a ring, there is nothing wrong with it, Allah Willing.”

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Therefore, pilgrims can wear a wristwatch in Ihram because there is nothing wrong with that and, it is also allowed.

Is it allowed to wear a ring in Ihram?

Islamic Sharia permits pilgrims to wear rings while they are in the state of Ihram. It’s not for male pilgrims. However, Islam applies certain conditions to women.

Islam forbids women from wearing jewellery or cosmetics to attract the attention of men who are not their husbands, whether during Ihram or normal circumstances. It is not allowed to do so. Women can wear the ring while in the state of Ihram, though, if the purpose is free from such things (for the attention of non-mahram men) and the environment allows it.

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Can a woman wear jewellery in Ihram?

According to a majority of scholars, women may wear jewellery in the state of Ihram as long as they are not doing so to attract or seduce men.

However, we must make a distinction between jewellery uses that are permitted in Sharia. It is generally forbidden to display jewellery in front of men (other than husbands or mahrams) in an effort to attract their attention or seduce them. Regardless of whether one is in Ihram or not. The worst is wearing jewellery for immoral purposes while wearing Ihram and inside the house of Allah Almighty.

 Conditions of Ihram

While performing Umrah and Hajj, a pilgrim must know the information about the conditions of the Ihram. So, for the knowledge of pilgrims, we discuss Ihram’s conditions. These are as follows:

 Permissible actions of Ihram

The permissible actions of Ihram are as follows:

  • Wearing a ring
  • Wearing a wristwatch
  • Using Miswak
  • Injections/vaccines
  • Using a money belt or the waist wrapper to fasten the lower garment of Ihram (Izar)
  • Using safety pins to secure the top garment of Ihram (Rida) from fallen off
  • Using a blanket while sleeping
  • Socks and gloves (women only)

Disliked actions of Ihram

These actions are disliked, but, don’t have any penalty:

  • Combing the hair
  • Washing the body with non-scented soap
  • Rubbing the body to remove dirt
  • Using toothpaste to cleanse the teeth
  • Eating strongly scented sweets
  • Smoking

Forbidden actions of Ihram

The forbidden actions of Ihram are as follows:

  • Covering the head or face
  • Clipping the nails
  • Cutting the hair from any part of the body
  • Hunting
  • Causing harm to an animal
  • Killing lice or locusts


Ihram is the first and most important ritual of Hajj and Umrah. A person who is in Ihram is called a Muhrim. In Arabic, Muhrim refers to a person who has made things banned upon him. According to Islamic laws, many things are forbidden for pilgrims while in Ihram, such as hunting.

However, it is permissible to wear a wristwatch in Ihram. If a pilgrim wears a wristwatch in Ihram, there is nothing wrong with that. But I suggest you read all caution of both journeys before booking your Hajj and Umrah Package.