Comfortable Travel Clothes for Women that Don’t Sacrifice Style

Travel clothes directly impact on joy of travel. A couple of years ago my friend suggested I invest in Maria b stitched collection to add to my traveling kit. I am glad I did not listen. Because wearing pants while traveling is the stupidest decision you will ever make. They are uncomfortable as hell. And if you care about making a style statement while traveling, I have numerous suggestions for you. Those outfits are both comfortable and chic.

Here are some attires that you can consider:

Jumpsuit and a Denim Jacket

Jumpsuits are comfortable to wear as long as they are not of silk because that can be a bit uncomfortable. Opt for more relaxing materials like cotton or any other comfortable material. In this way, you can make your jumpsuit work for you in two ways- party wear and a travel buddy. Hence, justifying the money you spent buying one. Select from a variety of solid-colored and printed ones.

A chic way to wear this attire while traveling is to pair it up with a denim jacket. The jacket will also serve two purposes- make you look stylish and keep you warm on the airplane. You can opt for tennis shoes to wear with this outfit. Ditch the heels, please. They are not travel-friendly.

Mom’s Jeans and a Button-Down

Skinny jeans should be banned when one is traveling. They are very uncomfortable if you know that you will be sitting in almost the same place for hours. I believe that skinny jeans keep your legs from breathing the fresh air. No, I am not against them. I wear them too but would never consider them while traveling.

Instead, I opt for and suggest others too to invest in mom jeans. OMG, they are the best thing that can happen to you during your travel. Mom jeans are super comfortable and they go with almost every top. However, I usually pair them with a crisp button-down to add the oomph factor. Not only does the button-down shirt make me look stylish but it also gives a semi-formal look.

Also, I can choose to stay in this outfit when I hit my destination. I am guilty of doing so in the past. The only difference was that I tucked in my shirt to give a more formal look to my outfit. You would not have to worry about the footwear that will go best with this attire as well. From sandals to tennis shoes, the options are unlimited.

Wide-Leg Pants and a Crop Top

Wide-leg pants are trending these days. Good news for you, they are comfortable wear as well. All you will have to do is choose a pair in the softest material possible. This will make your journey super easy and relaxed. Pair it with a crop top as it will counter the fluidity of the pants. Wear tennis shoes, pumps or sandals with this outfit for an ultra-chic look.

Air Pants and a T-shirt

You can also choose to invest in air pants. As the name suggests, these pants let your skin breathe. Apart from that, they also look dressy. So, you do not have to worry about sweating issues. Moreover, air pants also bear a large number of pockets (7-8 on average). Thus, making it easy for you to carry your essentials without dedicating a bag for them.

Pair these pants with a super comfy T-shirt and you are set to go. As far as the footwear is concerned, anything will work for this look. But you should go with sandals or pumps. Do not opt for tennis shoes as they might end up looking funny with this attire.

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Dress and Tights

You can make this look work for you in almost all situations. Traveling is one of the many such instances where a dress and tights can save you from a fashion disaster. Opt for a mid-length or a longer dress. It is upon you to decide whether you want the dress to be a solid color, or a printed one. As far as the material is concerned, I would suggest going with a super soft one.

Once done, pair it with tights or leggings and choose your favorite footwear. You are ready to roll. Carrying a big bag with this outfit will add to the chicness.

These were my go-to outfit options when traveling. What do you guys prefer wearing? My Muslim coworker loves a kurta with a dupatta for travel – according to her it is quite comfy and manageable. Well, I guess it is a matter of choice. I don’t think if I were to wear a dupatta (like Asians do), I would be able to carry it well. But I would definitely try it someday.

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