Why does my HP printer keep saying carriage jam?

Few things can lead to frustration faster than printing something urgently. And your Printer won’t cooperate. One thing is a printer that refuses to acknowledge your existence or leaves streaky lines on your images. It doesn’t matter if you get an error message or your Printer refuses to print. It can be frustrating.

While specific solutions to problems will differ depending on the printer model, once you have a basic understanding of common issues, you can quickly search for and locate fixes relevant to your hp envy carriage jam. We have some essential tips, and a list of online resources manufacturers offer to assist you with your printer problems.

Ghost Jams and Paper Jams

There are two possible culprits if your Printer reports a paper jam. Make sure your paper is correctly aligned in the tray. A jammed paper can quickly develop if slightly off-centred in the tray. Removing the paper from the unit and lining it up closer to the feeder elements is usually possible. The paper tray is designed to hold a certain amount of paper. Some trays can hold 100 sheets while others can hold a whole ream. For the recommended paper capacity, refer to your error oxc18a0206 hp photosmart.

An overstuffed paper tray will instantly alert your Printer to a paper jam. Also, ensure that your printer menu’s paper or media type settings match the current print job. There are settings available for various paper types, such as photo paper, card stock and presentation paper. If the settings are incorrect, thicker paper can lead to a paper jam. A quick change in the paper type can immediately fix your paper jam problem.

The pick-up rollers take the paper out of the tray and feed it into the Printer. These parts can also cause jams and may eventually need to be replaced.

If your Printer reports that there’s a paper jam, but there isn’t, it could be a mechanical problem. However, don’t throw your Printer into a field. Neal Poole found that ghost-jammed HP printers can leave a residue that could cause problems long after the jam has passed.

Your Printer may think there is something in the duplexer’s rear gear, but it could be small amounts of shredded paper junk. You should inspect the ghost jam’s mechanical components to ensure they are working correctly. Some models can give you a better idea of where it is, especially for larger office units. This is one-way Fixya can help you:

  • Grab any of the four rollers by removing the rear duplexer. Are they moving freely? If not, you should consider. 
  • Use a paperclip to touch two brass contact points. This will make the Printer believe that the duplexer has been removed, so you will need to keep this contact in place until the end.
  • Click OK to close the control panel.
  • Look at the white plastic gears to the left. Are they moving freely, or do they stall? If the second scenario is actual, you will have to remove the paper shards from the gears.
  • Rotate the rubber roller by gripping it. You should check for paper shards in the gear teeth.
  • After the gears and rollers spin freely, the ghost jam is gone. You can now remove the paper clip to reassemble the machine.

If you still receive a paper jam notice, unplug the Printer to reset its sensors.

Problems with Printer Drivers

Hardware is not always at fault. Your printer driver is the translator between your computer’s operating system and your Printer. Drivers can become outdated or incompatible with your operating system, just like other software. A driver update can resolve printer problems, such as frequent slow response times or crashes. Your computer may have the wrong driver installed to make your printer work. Sometimes, your Printer and computer will be able to communicate again by uninstalling the driver that is installed on your desktop. Visit the support page for your printer manufacturer to find the most current version—type in your printer model number. Follow the instructions on the page for the latest version. Below are links to support pages for the most popular printer brands.

How to add a printer in Windows 10

You may be able to print directly from your Windows 10 computer by connecting to a printer and intending to print over Wi-Fi. Windows 10 works with almost all new printers straight out of the box. Go to Settings > Devices> > Add Printer and select the Printer that you wish to add. You can make this your default printer if you intend to use it often. Also, you can print a test page before you print your document.

How to Print a Self-Test Page

Printing a test page or a printer status report can help you pinpoint the issue. If your test page prints correctly, the problem is most likely with the printer driver, software or cable connection. If the test page doesn’t print correctly, your Printer may have an issue. This may need to be repaired. read more error code 0xc00000e9

How to print a test page in Windows 10

Go to Settings > Devices> Printers & scanners to print a test sheet in Windows 10. Next, select your Printer and choose Manage>Print a test page.

How to print a test page in Windows 8

Windows 8 allows you to print a test page by pressing the Windows key. Select Settings > View Printers. Next, right-click the printer icon to open “Printer Properties”. Then select “Print Test page.”

How to print a test page in Windows 7

Windows 7 allows you to print a test page by clicking the “Start” button. Right-click the printer icon to open “Printer Properties” and select “Print Test Page”.