Are Functional Beverages Worth the Hype?

Various drink options are available in the market to quench your thirst or enjoy your favorite food. But would you consider functional drinks for any of that? They serve as an alcohol-free alternative to supply nutrients to your body and hence offer more than hydration to the body. This way, functional drinks provide extra support to attain your health goals. 


Due to the increasing demand for healthy beverage options, the functional beverage industry has a better scope today and in the future. 


What are Functional Drinks?


Functional drinks are beverages with ingredients that keep specific body functions working normally. Generally rich in vitamins, the properties of such drinks may vary from supporting digestive system function to contributing to the psychological role. 


Drinks Rich in Vitamin C


Want your skin, blood vessels, body cells, and bones healthy? The nutritionists suggest adults between 19 and 64 must have 40mg of vitamin C per day. For this, you need to consider having drinks rich in vitamin C. 


You may think that organic juice is the only source of vitamin C. But there are various other drinks containing higher concentrations of vitamin C. 


Here are some other sources of vitamin C that you need to include in your diet:


  • Tomato juice
  • Papaya juice
  • Elderberry juice
  • Grapefruit juice 


So, the next time you search for a daily dose of vitamin C, you can consider all the given juices. 


Vitamin E Drinks


Vitamin E is fat-soluble and helps to maintain healthy eyes and skin. Present in various foods, such as seeds, nuts, and green leafy vegetables, it even strengthens your body’s natural defenses against diseases. However, it is also possible to fulfill the daily dose of vitamin E from fortified drinks and foods.  


Given below are the three drinks rich in vitamin E: 


  • Almond milk
  • Orange juice
  • Cranberry juice


Vitamin D Drinks


Vitamin D is also the “sunshine vitamin,” as bodies produce it with direct sunlight. It also leads to the immune system’s normal function. So, it can even decrease the likeliness of diseases. However, you do not have to spend too many hours in the sun to get vitamin D. 


Orange juice and fortified milk are good sources of vitamin D. If you want more vitamin D in your daily diet, have a glass of milk or a good quantity of vitamin D-enriched drink rather than heading out in the sun. 


Water as a Functional Beverage 


Generally overlooked, water is also a functional beverage. It is essential for normal bodily functions. Hence, it’s a healthy choice to quench thirst and does not have sugars. 


There are endless benefits of drinking water – from enhancing exercise performance support to reducing the risk of headaches – hence, having water as a functional drink is vital for wellness. 


Do Functional Beverages Work?


According to some beverage analytics, certain functional beverages are healthier and are worth the hype. Common functional beverages, such as tea and coffee, have many benefits if consumed in moderation. 


In many healthy adults, functional beverages include added minerals, vitamins, and immune-boosting ingredients. Though, it’s essential to read the labels carefully to understand what ingredients are present in your drink. Also, do proper research when having some canned drinks for health. 


Is it safe to consume functional drinks? Yes, they are safe but some of them may have health concerns. Generally, children, teens, or young adults must not have energy drinks in large quantities. It is easier to consume high caffeine quantities but it can lead to adverse heart reactions in the long run. 


Some functional beverages even have added sugar, so they can affect one’s health. Therefore, it is best to read the label carefully. Also, ensure that the drink is low-in-sugar and includes organic ingredients. 




Are you looking for a convenient way to fulfill your requirement for minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants? Functional drinks are an ideal solution for you. If you have not tried functional drinks before, you must try them now!

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