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In the real world, the dragons don’t exist, but you can have them in a game. Dragon City is an awesome multiplayer online game in which it will take you to a place where there are dragons, and you can make it your world. It is a game where you can control a flying dragon and fight against human soldiers. You can breed, grow, and train dragons. It is a game where you play games, get levelled up, and earn coins to unlock new drakes.

You can build the habitants and buildings according to the needs of the dragons. This game also allows you to invite your friends to battle with you. You can connect this game with your Facebook account so that you can interact with other people. If you want to play this, you can download it now on your PC for free.

Dragon City APK

Features of  Dragon City Game

Deus the Dragon Master

The dragon master knows as Deus welcomes you when you enter the game. It guides you in the mechanics of the game. This feature is to help the new players and beginners to understand the gameplay of Dragon City. Everyone needs some time to know about this game, just like other games. Deus helps you to know the game and everything about it easily. Dragon Raja SEA MOD Apk

Daily Rewards

You get rewards on visiting the dragon city gameplay. The reward can be either in the form of golf or can be in the form of gems. These rewards help you to improve the city and to buy food to feed and breed your dragons. You should log in to your account to get the daily rewards. There are many types of rewards that give you gold and gems and helps you to unlock the dragons.

Colourful and Vibrant Graphics

The game has cute graphics and details that make the dragon city interesting for you. This game is not boring and dull as the developers made it sure by the great graphics. Every detail of the game is such that it will make you wonder, and it also has vibrant colours; that is why both adults and kids love this game.

Mission Accomplished

In this game, there are not just battles and dragons to raise but also many other goals that make this game interesting. You have to accomplish the goals to get on to the new level and to unlock many amazing things. These tasks make you learn the game and help you to breed the ultimate Dragon. You’ll also earn gold and gems when you’ll fulfil these tasks, and it will also boost your XP. You can buy food or unlock the Dragon through the gold coins.

Fight those Battles

You can take your dragons to the arena where they’ll fight with the other dragons, but for this, your dragons should be of level 4. These arena’s test the ability and special powers of your Dragon’s, and it all depends on the way you breed them. You can take your dragons on the different quests and complete the stages in each of them. After completing the fight and winning it, you’ll get rewards with rare dragon eggs that are much more powerful than the usual ones.

Take on your Pick

Dragon City has many types of dragons that you can get in different ways. There will be 965 dragons to be exact, which you can get through gems or golds. The game has many choices of buildings and decors, which allow you to improve the aesthetics of your growing city.

Get updates on your Dragon

You should know about the Dragon’s status in their habitat by checking out the various statistics of your beloved Dragon. This game provides you with information about the dragons that include the element, the source of the Dragon, its income, and its master-points. There are many other things about which the game provides information. It also provides a short description of the Dragon’s likes and interests. You get a detailed report of their stats, which includes the total dragon life and the total attack damage.

Information about the Dragon City 

The following is some more information about the Dragon City online game:

Click the details rightly

You should be careful while clicking on anything as there is a lot of cheats and tricks going on in the game. It could let you lose your precious gold and gems, so be careful. You should read them well; otherwise, you can get tricked to get a thing by losing others.

Feed your Babies

In the dragon city online game, you should feed the dragons to increase their level and to also increase the gold and gems. When you get the higher level of your Dragon, then you’ll get more gold per minute. You could know about the details by visiting their dragon profile when you click on their habitat.

Be Patient

You should have patience in this game as it is the biggest part of this game. It needs the patience to wait for the construction of the building to complete. The hatching of eggs and breeding of dragons need patience and wait. You should not purchase things regularly through gems instead of it; you should keep them for the future to use it to buy other important things to grow your dragon city.Krnl – Download


There are many things that you should remember in this game to play it rightly, such as how to breed the Dragon and get levelled up. You should check about every detail so that you would not get tricked by anything. If you want to get more gold and gems, then you should fight battles and do other things.

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