Tuesday, November 29



When FIFA World Cup 2022 Will be Held? – Know Tournament Format and Schedule

FIFA World Cup 2022 is just a couple of months away, with 32 teams confirmed and placed in their respective groups. In this edition of the football World Cup, you will see a more balanced group for minnows and underdogs to showcase their prowess. Like previous editions, Brazil, France, and Germany secured their place as top favorites. The group stage matches are decided and this is the time where you begin with predictions to advance from knockouts. England landed the USA in Group B, Lionel Messi and Argentina will compete against Mexico in Group C, and Luis Suarez and Uruguay are all set for Cristiano Ronaldo in Group H. When FIFA World Cup 2022 will take place? The most awaited tournament kicks off on November 21, Monday, and will be wrapped up in less than a month with the final ma...