NEC India’s biometric authentication technologies address all the challenges posed, ensuring seamless entry of visitors into facilities.

Reliable biometric authentication technology is needed for the seamless entry of visitors into high-security facilities. Partnering with NEC India can help an industry devise dependable solutions for biometric authentication.

AI-based biometric authentication solution, NeoFace, is more reliable as it will verify the identity using an existing database. Airport operators are using it to facilitate Check-In and Luggage Drop as it authenticates a person even if the person’s face is partially covered. Entry to the VIP lounge at the airport can be facilitated using this biometric solution.


Gateless entry is possible for visitors at set-ups like schools, offices, hospitals etc. The digital identities of people are stored in the database. Entry is, therefore, allowed to a genuine person as the system will match the image against the registered images. The AI-based biometric authentication system, NeoFace can also be linked to body temperature. If the body temperature of a person is beyond a particular range, the gates will not open.

The system’s speed and accuracy guarantee a seamless facility entry for users, making it an ideal solution for large facilities with many individuals registered. With this system in place, users no longer need to recall passwords or PINs to gain access.

All industries, including aviation, finance and retail banking, are partnering with ICT-based companies to develop customized biometric solutions. These solutions will let help users authenticate using their face, retina or iris. While these solutions can increase the throughput, it also minimizes any possibility of fraud. Airport operators, banks, and law enforcement agencies have attested to the accuracy of these systems as they are capable of detecting even the slightest variations.

Due to their capability of using low-quality and heavily compressed surveillance videos and images, NeoFace authentication systems are being deployed in numerous smart cities. This is expected to aid law enforcement agencies in identifying specific individuals by matching video and graphic images. NeoFace Watch is being deployed in smart cities for surveillance. Features in biometric authentication solution allow law enforcers to send E-challans.