9 Stunning Flowers For Your Mom To Express Unconditional Love

Every mother is special and occupies a notable place in the children’s hearts. It isn’t effortless to repay a mom for everything she accomplishes for her kid. The only thing she would desire is for you to shower her with adoration and respect. You may make your mom feel special at any moment and on any day, but it feels incredibly good to make her joyful on a special and important day. A new and scintillating floral arrangement will be the most fitting gift to send a flower bouquet online via online flower delivery services to her on this day. Every blossom has a powerful symbolic meaning that represents a certain emotion. Here is a list of blossoms that speak the love language and serve as the ideal gift for her.

Roses – Flowers

These flowers are widely linked to romantic connections, but they can be an excellent floral gift for your mother. Roses are consistently a great pick for any memorable event. But it might be more pleasing to acquire pink, white, or cream roses as red is connected to romance and Valentine’s Day. Pink roses signify gratitude, white ones symbolize purity, and cream-colored roses are for thoughtfulness.


Orchids are a special and exotic variety of blooms that never fail to make the receiver feel unique. It is the ideal gift for the mom who you consider a trendsetter, a role ideal for her unique intention of loveliness, love for new things, styles, and aggressive colors-online flower delivery in Kolkata is available. Try pink, expressing elegance, poise, and femininity if you wonder which shade to get.

Carnations – Flowers

With their soft and frilled petals, soothing fragrance, and long, simple leaves, carnations are occasionally relegated to the class of filler flowers. You know, the blossom that’s always tucked behind larger blooms.


Also known as the birthday bloom for January, the traditional name for carnations, dianthus, comes from the Greek definition of’ heavenly flower’. And indeed, what a divine choice for a Mother’s Day bouquet! Prolonged symbolizes love, fascination, and distinction. Various color carnations also represent different meanings.


Daisies symbolize sweetness and purity. Pick daisies for a mother who is easygoing, pleasant, and uncomplicated. Bring white daisies or choose a colorful bouquet to bring a cheerful note to her day. You’ll display your love for her for the gorgeous woman she is.

Tulips- Flowers

When you think of tulips, huge multicolored blossom fields in the Netherlands likely spring to mind. But did you know that the foremost tulips came from Persia and Turkey? First introduced to Europe in the 16th century, tulips got their trendy name from the Latinized Persian term for turban. Not astonishing, seeing as their buds have a turban-like impression.


Consider sending a bouquet of lilies if you wish good fortune to your mom. These big flowers will be a wonderful big surprise for Mothers. We have lilies in different colors, so you can pick the one your mom will love the most. We suggest the pink ones convey admiration or the purple ones if you like to tell your mother how proud you are of her.

Lisianthus – Flowers

These flowers are an excellent tribute for a mother who respects blooms that look peaceful, elegant, and fascinating. Lisianthus flowers come in different single colors, multicolored or diverse bouquets.


Available at nearly any flower store, the daisy-like chrysanthemum flower is a very good pick of flowers for your mom. Representing joy and positiveness, giving her a bunch of simple yet striking Chrysanthemums will cheer her up nearly effortlessly. They come in shades from white to yellow and gold, pink, orange, bronze, deep red, maroon, violet & purple.

Mixed Rose Bouquet

Mixed roses represent harmony. A mother holds love and harmony in the family. This rose flower bouquet will be the greatest way of conveying how much she means to you, your mom. Gift this to your mother and make the day memorable for her.

Conclusion – Flowers

Apart from sending this selection of flowers via online flower delivery services, there are other gifts that you can send your mother along with your picked flowers. Check out ideas for gifts that you will readily discover online.