The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Ideal Salwar Kameez or Anarkali Dress


You can’t go wrong with an Anarkali dress or Salwar Kameez if you’re seeking for clothing that radiates grace, elegance, and comfort all at once. Women of all ages continue to favor these traditional Indian clothes, which have been worn for decades. We’ll go over all you need to know in this guide to help you pick the ideal Salwar Kameez or Anarkali dress for any occasion.

What is a salwar kameez or an anarkali dress?

Let’s establish what we mean by an anarkali dress and a salwar kameez before getting into the specifics. Long, flowing dresses called anarkalis include a fitted bodice and a flared skirt. They have long been a preferred option for formal occasions in India and are named after the fabled Mughal courtesan Anarkali.

Salwar Kameez, on the other hand, may be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and are more adaptable. They are made up of a long tunic known as a kameez, a pair of baggy pants known as salwar, and a dupatta. Originating in South Asia, salwar kameez have long been a preferred option for daily wear.

Let’s move on to the tutorial now that we are aware of what Anarkali Dresses and Salwar Kameez are.

Select the Proper Fabric

One of the most crucial aspects to take into account is the fabric of your Salwar Kameez or Anarkali garment. Choosing the appropriate fabric is crucial because it can make or ruin an outfit. For Anarkali gowns, materials like silk, georgette, chiffon, and crepe are popular options, whereas cotton, linen, and rayon are frequently used for Salwar Kameez.

Choose Anarkali dresses made of silk or other opulent materials if you’re seeking for a more formal choice. Pick a cotton or other lightweight Salwar Kameez for a more relaxed appearance. Remember that the fabric you select might affect how comfortable your entire outfit is, so be sure to pick something that feels good against your skin.

Think about the Situation

The occasion should be taken into account when selecting an Anarkali or Salwar Kameez. It’s crucial to wear an outfit that’s suited for the occasion because different situations call for different styles and patterns.

Consider wearing a Long Anarkali dress with elaborate embroidery or embellishments if you’re attending a wedding. A straightforward Salwar Kameez in a solid hue would be more acceptable if you’re going to a more laid-back occasion.

Pick the Proper Color and Print.

The color and pattern of your salwar kameez or anarkali garment can also significantly affect how you appear as a whole. Both Salwar Kameez and Anarkali dresses come in a wide variety of bright, daring colors, but you can also find many in more subdued hues.

There are countless alternatives when it comes to prints. For anarkali dresses and salwar kameez, popular selections include floral designs, geometric motifs, and paisley prints. You can also get Anarkali dresses and Salwar Kameez with prints modeled after conventional Indian fabrics like ikat, bandhani, and block prints if you’re searching for something more distinctive.

The secret is to pick a color and print that go with both your personal style and the event you’ll be wearing the outfit to. If you’re unsure about what hues and patterns will look best on you, think about trying on a few different alternatives to determine which ones look the best.

Discover the Ideal Fit

The fact that Salwar Kameez and Anarkali gowns are so comfy to wear is one of their main advantages. Finding the ideal fit is still crucial to making sure you look your best.

Make sure the bodice of your Anarkali dress fits snugly around your breast and waist, and that the skirt falls in a way that flatters you. When wearing a salwar kameez, make sure the salwar is loose-fitting but not excessively baggy and the kameez fits properly around your bust and waist.

To make sure you’re ordering the correct size when buying Anarkali dresses or Salwar Kameez online, be sure to refer to the size chart and measure yourself.

Wear the Proper Jewelry and Footwear as Accessories

It’s time to consider accessories after selecting the ideal Salwar Kameez or Anarkali outfit. Jewelry and footwear are essential components of any Indian dress and can further enhance your appearance.

When it comes to jewelry, choose accessories that enhance rather than overshadow your ensemble. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made of gold or silver are all popular alternatives. Choose comfy sandals or jutti shoes that go with the style of your dress for your footwear.

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