Inflatable Tents: Types and Benefits

An inflatable tent is generally one that has inflatable beams in place of poles made of fibreglass. These tents are also called air tents. Families can benefit a lot from inflatable tents. It is very easy to set up inflatable tents. All you have to do is unfold the tent, inflate it, and peg it down. They also resemble bouncy castles that many of us used to play in as kids. Inflatable tents look a lot like your regular tent. It’s not like standard tents and inflatable tents do not differ. The latter has inflatable beams that can support the tent’s shell.

How Do Inflatable Tents Work?

Inflatable tents enjoy popularity because they are easy to set up. There are several types of such tents but the two most commonly used ones are single-inflation and multiple-inflation tents. Single-inflation tents can be set up using a single beam. On the other hand, multiple-inflation tents involve inflating each beam separately.

The tube and sleeve design has been predominant in every type of tent. These tents are tested in the factory before manufacturing to detect leaks. After getting checked, they are kept in a tube sleeve. This is carried out to make sure that the tube does not over-expand. The design works in the following ways:

  • A plastic tube that can be inflated to a certain pressure.
  • The tube is inserted into a sleeve made of solid polyester.
  • The tube and sleeve are then kept in a tent sleeve. After it has been inflated, it gives the tent its structure.
  • At each beam, there is a small hole in the flysheet. This is where the valve sits so that it becomes easier to inflate or deflate the tent from the exterior.

The air valve can be seen on one side of the tent that can be opened for pumping. Then the beam is inflated which is useful for the structure of the tent. Setting up inflatable tents is very simple and the manufacturers consider a lot of aspects so that it involves the minimum effort possible on the part of the customers to set them up. The pump valve varies from brand to brand. The two most valve systems are as follows:

  • Air Beam – Twist Valve: A twist valve is closed using a lock and then the pump is twisted onto the valve. This causes the valve to open and allows for the inflation of the tent. The valve locks itself once the pump is removed. There is a white point on the valve which is twisted for allowing the air to leave the valve.
  • Push Button Valve: The valve will have a white button and it can be closed by pushing in the latter. After that, the pump is twisted and inserted into the valve. This will lead to the opening of the same and allow air to flow into the beam. After the pump has been removed, the valve will close on its own. Before inflating the tent, it has to be kept in mind that the valve has to be closed before inflating the tent. When the pump is removed, the air will escape out of the open valve. Push it outwards to close it. Tents and shelters can be found easily in both online and physical stores.

What Are The Benefits Of Inflatable Tents?

The demand for inflatable tents has always been high thanks to the fact that they can be set up easily. They are an instant hit with campers. Its benefits are:

  • Setting Them Up Is Effortless: Setting up inflatable tents is much easier than pole tents. Getting them up and running can be done in a matter of minutes. This is the reason why they are so preferred by campers. Just keep an air pump and you are good to go. Needless to say, these tents are also very popular who camp with their families.
  • Portable & Light: It is almost a prerequisite that camping tents need to be light and portable so that they can be put to use without a lot of hassle. Also, walking carrying heavy gear can be tiring. Tents and camping go hand in hand and they have to be light especially if you are to cover a long distance. As much as these tents should be easy to set up, they should also be easy to take down. There are rucksacks given to carry that can be packed in cars as well.
  • Durability: Tents are constantly evolving so it is of no wonder when they are being made using the strongest material so they can avoid blemishes by sharp objects that often evade our gaze while camping. The materials used to make tents are strong enough to not get pierced as long as it does not face a lot of pressure. Some are made using water-resistant materials so they can stand against rain and strong winds as well.


Inflatable tents are one of the go-to choices for campers while planning a getaway given the range of benefits it offers. These tents are also spacious as well as comfortable. They are designed in such a way that there is ample space for keeping camping gear as well.