3 Asphalt Parking Lot Installation Facts Every Business Should Know

For businesses of all kinds, first impressions are often very significant. Also, first impressions for customers and clients are generally the parking areas. These are the first points of contact between visitors and the business real estate. Getting them looking nice and in a safe state is very important. Clean, free from debris, cracks and potholes parking lots leave a good impression. Asphalt parking lot installation is an important aspect no business should ever overlook.

Installing a new asphalt parking lot comes at a cost. It is a worthy investment for any business. From improving the aesthetic to functionality, a good parking lot plays a vital role. Doing your research for that parking lot installation will go a long way toward saving money and more. There are many do’s and don’ts that improve the experience for business owners. Read through to find out more about asphalt parking lot installation for your business:

Always Deal with Experience Asphalt Parking Lot Contractors

Installing a parking lot may sound like a basic process. However, there is more to it. The eventual asphalt pavement contractor you select will have to carry out many checks. These should include surveying the soil situation below. Also, if you are getting a fully new parking lot installed or is there one before?

Additionally, the size of the project will matter a great deal as well. Usually, locally experienced service providers offer the best services. Experience is key to getting a good asphalt parking lot installation service for your business. With experience, your service provider should be able to take care of all requirements for you in the best way possible.

Also, the traffic situation on your parking lot will play a vital role too. Many commercial parking lots including ones for large retailers and supermarkets will get heavy deliveries on them. The ground below needs to be prepped adequately and the material needs to be mixed as required.

The composition of the hot mix will play a major role in making your driveway last long. An experienced contractor will know how to start the project and with what materials. Inexperienced contractors might generalize the process leaving important details un-calculated.

So, make sure to ask for prior experience from your selected or under-consideration asphalt contractors. Check their reviews if available. Or, if you already have gotten their service, this should be a good marker of performance too.

The Sub-Base Is Very Important – Don’t Ignore It

Quite often, the top layer might look decent. However, this alone is by no means an indication of a good parking lot pavement. What it has underneath, will always play a major role. A properly installed sub-based will keep the parking lot going for longer periods of time and vice versa.

The sub-based should have a proper drainage system as well. Most commercial parking lots will be made from a solid hot mix and not porous asphalt. this is because solid materials are able to handle heavier weights more efficiently. The sub-base is what will support the asphalt pavement on top. Also, this is what will help prevent cracks and sinking in the long-run.

Also, the sub-base needs to be able to handle the changing climate better too. If it rains more in your area, the sub-based durability will be in question. Also, in parts of the world where it snows a great deal, the sub-based needs to be prepared accordingly.

A properly fortified sub-based will be able to handle different climates well. Quite often, if the sub-base is still intact, repairs for the upper asphalt surface are very much possible too. A good sub-base will save money in the long-term enabling businesses to operate smoothly over time. Also, it will keep the parking lot free from hazards like bumps, cracks and potholes from developing.

Asphalt Parking Lots and Pavements Can Be More Ecofriendly Than You Think

Not many people know this but asphalt is actually one of the most recycled products globally. In fact, the USA alone has about 95% of its asphalt recycled every year. Also, waste products including asphalt shingles, oil and concrete can also be repurposed when installing new pavement. There is very minimal waste when you get the right service from the right service provider.

Porous asphalt pavements are even more eco-friendly with their ability to channel rainwater below. These will be able to keep the ground below more fertile while not requiring additional work for drainage. Also, porous asphalt pavements work as a water filtration system as well.

Additionally, if you already have an asphalt parking lot there, your asphalt paving company should be able to recycle most of the material. This will save the cost of new materials along with its eco-friendly nature as well. Just about everything can be recycled.

Recyclability is also what gives asphalt pavements the edge over other options like concrete. Also, cheaper parking lots that are able to be maintained easily over time, use lesser materials too. Usually, cracks and potholes filling with a quality sealcoat are all you need to extend the life of your existing parking lot. And yes, a quality parking lot should last at least twenty years when maintained.

Bottom Line

Asphalt parking lot installation is an important process for every business. Also, it is important to get the right kind of parking lot for your requirements. When you select the right service provider, the parking lot should be prepared according to your business’s requirements. Depending on the amount and type of traffic on it, the parking lot has to be installed accordingly.

Also, it is important to maintain your parking lot perfectly. keep it clean and get a proper maintenance visit from your service provider to remove stains of different kinds regularly. Get the parking lot seal coated every few years for it to last much longer. A properly maintained commercial parking lot should last upwards of twenty years. However, it all depends on the fact that you get it installed right.