Most Famous Punjabi Singers of 2023

Punjabi Music has taken over the entire Indian music industry right now as there are many Punjabi Singers who are creating awesome music these days. Along with their singles and albums, these singers are even featured in Bollywood movies with their catchy tunes and upbeat music and this is why there are many people who want to know about the most famous Punjabi Singers in India right now. 

In the guide, we are going to tell you about the most  Punjabi singers that you can listen to whenever you want to uplift your mood.

Top Punjabi Singers in 2023

If you are looking for the no 1 Punjabi singer then, here is the perfect guide that you can use to know the best Punjabi singers that you can listen to and enjoy. 

  • Diljit Dosanjh 

If you are looking for the most famous Punjabi Singer in India right now then, Diljit Dosanjh is the person that you are looking for. While there are many people who would protest about the singer being in first place, allow me to tell you that Diljit Dosanjh has also brought fame to the country by being the first Indian to perform at Coachella and this can be the biggest judge to the popularity of the singer. 

  • Badshah 

The next singer whose songs and raps are most famous in India is Badshan. The singer is the current rap king of India as there is no other rapper in India who can compare to the popularity of Badshah. He has given many hit songs like DJ wale Babu, Mercy, Proper Patola and Buzz. The singer has also graced several Bollywood movies with his authentic and upbeat music and made these movies viral because of their music. 

  • Guru Randhawa

The next Punjabi singer male that you need to focus on is Guru Randhawa. The singer topped the charts in 2020 with almost all of his songs and was the most-viewed Indian artist on YouTube the same year. The soothing voice of Guru Randhawa along with his exceptional songwriting skills have made each and every of his songs super-hit. Guru Randhawa is right now one of the biggest Punjabi names in the Indian music Industry. 

  • Hardy Sandhu 

Out of all the singers that we are featuring on this list, Hardy Sandhu is the most different one as the singer rose to fame with his romantic music in Punjabi that can attract any person.  Hardy Sandhu can easily be considered the singing sensation that the youth listen to and this can be seen by the continuous hits that he has given like Joker, Backbone, Naah and most recently Bijli. The singer is not restricted to one single genre as he has explored and delivered content in multiple genres like Indian classical, jazz, pop and many others. 

  • B Praak 

The National Award winner for the best Playback singer of 2021, B Praak has a voice that can force you to feel different emotions with his singing. The singer has sung songs that have touched the souls of people and combined with the authentic lyricism of Jaani, B Praalk has managed to create a very big name for himself as a singer Punjabi in the Indian music industry. B Praak made his Bollywood debut with the song Teri Mitti for the movie Kesari and after that, the singer and composer has never looked back. 

I am sure that if you listen to songs that you have definitely come across the songs sung by these wonderful singers as they are some of the biggest male singers of the Indian music Industry about whom you can know more on thewebsaga.