Instagram Music Not Working? How to Fix It?

Music feature of instagram is a feature which is loved by most of the users and many people now put music on the photos and stories they upload, all because of this feature that you can upload your pictures with suitable songs playing in the background. 

But as we all know, all the services at some point of time, encounter some error and same case is with Instagram music, there are many people who are not able to use the feature and if you are also one of the users and you are thinking why is my instagram music not working then we are glad to tell you that this article is going to be of assistance. 

In the blog today, you will be offered with the possible solutions you can try to fix the issue with the instagram music on your account and by the end of the blog you will have your problem fixed. 

Solutions for Instagram Music Not Working on Your Account – 

Below are some of the tried and effective ways which you will find helpful in getting rid of instagram story music not working error. 

1. Updating the instagram application you access

The first way we have sorted out for you is simple, where you are just needed to update the instagram application you are using. This way is effective because the new features can be accessed by you only when you update the versions of instagram.

And if you don’t do this, then you would not be able to find the music option or you would not be able to use it also. 

To update the instagram application you have to move to the app store you have on your device and then search for instagram app to resolve instagram music not working issue. 

You have to click on the app and then hit on the update button you find on the screen, however if you have already updated your application then you will not see the update option, instead you will see open button.  

2. Restart the device on which you use instagram 

Sometimes the problems occur because of minor bugs and glitches on your device which you can very easily resolve by just restarting the mobile device on which you have the instagram application. 

When the device is turned on after restart you could check if the music feature is operational now or not and if your problem of instagram music not working 2022 has been fixed. 

3. Use a VPN to use instagram 

The music feature of instagram was initially available in only a few countries like Sweden, France, Germany, etc but later on instagram updated this feature for most of the countries. 

However, if you are in a country where the feature hasn’t been updated yet, then we would suggest you to use a VPN to use instagram and change your location to a country where the music feature works and add music to your photos. 

To get to know more ways to fix music features on instagram you can use website Allinsider by accessing it on your device. 

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