Private Schools in Singapore: Examining the Pros and Cons

Studying abroad has numerous advantages for students, many of which are exceptional. Participating in a study abroad programme allows them to travel and are exposed to various cultures. For instance, a youngster can learn about Singapore’s rapid economic development by studying there and considering it one of the world’s safest nations. If parents are relocating to the city or want to send their children abroad, they may want to look into a few exceptional private schools in Singapore. Some of the benefits as well as disadvantages have been covered in this blog. 


International schools are growing increasingly well-liked and provide particular advantages to pupils. It’s one of the expat communities that is expanding quickly right now. They provide specific courses and accept students from all around the world.

As a result, the benefits are covered below. 

Renowned Curriculum

Singapore is renowned for its skilled teachers and high-quality education system. Singapore also has outstanding public and private universities, fully furnished with all the required amenities. Some of the best international schools provide pupils access to various Indian and foreign curricula, including the CBSE, IB, PYP, Cambridge IGCSE, and IB Diploma Programme. Students now have the freedom to select a course of study depending on their interests and intended future locations.

Co & Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular and co-curricular activities influencing students’ growth are crucial to holistic education. Recognising this, several prestigious schools enforce such extracurricular activities to celebrate the skills of young brains. This aids in developing their gifts and their social, analytical, and collaborative skills.

Additionally, it fosters a sense of brotherhood, friendship, and belonging among students. Many of these events involve grouping students, encouraging healthy competition among them.

Holistic learning

The dynamic educational framework’s integrated, holistic approach promotes students’ overall development. The innovative methods combine the best elements of Eastern and Western educational techniques and benefit all children. Additionally, it expands education beyond the classroom by placing equal emphasis on sports, skills, and values. These skills aid in professional and occupational advancement during the academic years.

Personality Development

A student’s personality must develop in their formative years. Through various thoughtfully created programmes, international schools strongly emphasise developing multiple facets of student development. These include self-expression, exercise, social responsibility, sports, and critical thinking. They are building blocks for a student’s well-rounded personality implanted through numerous projects, activities, and events. 


Stress Levels

Students may find the curriculum in international schools challenging, mainly if it includes difficult courses like languages. Additionally competitive are international schools, particularly for admissions.

The curriculum of foreign schools is flexible, though, and students can choose the areas they want to concentrate on after they are approved.

Linguistic barrier

Students who attend international schools receive assistance in honing their chosen second language. While it may take some time, a young learner might initially find it challenging. However, it indirectly benefits him because speaking more than one language can open doors for him. This could aid in his acquisition of linguistic proficiency in various languages, such as English, French, and German.


A global perspective is frequently emphasised in international schools. Students will therefore be more drawn to other cultures than their own than they would be to their own. For children, it might become disorganised and perplexing. However, research has shown that the market will seek candidates to survive and sustain in a global hemisphere in the upcoming years. Therefore, focusing solely on that, a child’s development and preparation for what lies ahead are significantly impacted by global culture. Not to mention, it improves their personality.


However, this blog specifies some drawbacks; in the long term, it works out in the students’ favour. Parents must know that exposing their children to a global environment might benefit their development. 

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