Understanding the CBSE Affiliation Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

The central board of secondary education is one of the top-rated boards of school education in our country.  

The CBCS affiliation process is completely digitized with minimum human involvement. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the CBSE affiliation process.

  •       Visit the CBCS website online and find information about all services on the homepag
  •       Fill out the online form after reading all the instructions and the entire procedure for CBSE affiliatio
  •       Now you will have to submit the data and documents as asked by the softwar
  •       Now you must click agree to confirm the bylaws related to education.
  •       Now submit the application to the authority.

Let’s check the different types of CBSE affiliations

  1. Fresh Affiliation Up to the Secondary Level
  2. Upgradation of an affiliated Secondary School up to Senior Secondary Level
  3. Switch over of schools up to Secondary and Senior Secondary Level
  4. Fresh Affiliation up to Senior Secondary Level
  5. Approval for Middle School Syllabus
  6. Upgradation of a school approved for Middle School Syllabus up to Secondary or Senior Secondary Level

How to choose the right affiliation for you?

Choosing the right affiliation is not a difficult thing. You must be aware of your institute’s infrastructure as the senior secondary level requires you to have labs and separate classrooms from standards 1st to 10th. It means that the schools are available in large numbers along with several students in them.

What are the important factors the school must consider to get affiliated with CBSE?

  •       Statutory Body
  •       Autonomous Body
  •       Registered Trust
  •       Government Department/Ministry
  •       Registered Society
  •       Local Body
  •       Public Sector Undertaking (PSU)
  •       Companies registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013
  •       Any other Government Body
  1. The school must follow a management scheme and must have a management committee
  2. The school must submit a Recognition Certificate from the Education Department of the State Government
  3. The school should submit a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the state government
  4. The school must be fulfilling the required land requirements as stated by Affiliation Bye-law

Documents required for CBSE Affiliation-

  •       The District Education Administration and the Self Affidavit
  •       Letter of Intent
  •       No Objection Certificate from the State Government.
  •       Letter of Recognition from the District Education Officer
  •       Other related documents validating and substantiating your claim for CBSE Affiliation


After meeting all these requirements and filling applications, the CBSE will inspect the school as per their regulations.  The schools must be ready with the teaching-learning requirements based on pedagogy and infrastructure requirements as suggested by CBSE affiliation.