How do I change my flight itinerary with TAP Air Portugal

Changing your flight itinerary with TAP Air Portugal is a fairly simple process. The airline understands that plans can change, and thus offers flexibility to its customers to modify their travel plans if required. Whether you need to reschedule your flight due to a sudden change in your schedule or modify your itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances, TAP Air Portugal allows you to make changes with ease.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change your flight itinerary with  Air TAP Portugal:

Step 1: Go to TAP Air Portugal’s website

The first step in changing your flight itinerary is to visit the official website of TAP Air Portugal. You can do this by typing in “” in your browser’s search bar. Once you’re on the website, navigate to the “Manage your booking” section, which can be found on the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

Step 2: Enter your booking details

Once you’ve accessed the “Manage your booking” section, enter your booking details, including your booking reference number and your last name. This will take you to the page where you can view your current booking details.

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Step 3: Select the flight you want to change

On the “Manage your booking” page, you’ll be able to view all the flights you have booked.

Step 4: Choose the new flight details

After clicking on the “Modify flight” option, you’ll be taken to a page where you can select the new flight details. Here, you can choose the new date and time of your flight, and also select your preferred seat and class of travel.

Step 5: Confirm your changes

Once you’ve made the necessary changes, review your booking details to ensure that everything is correct. You’ll also be able to see any additional fees or charges that may apply due to the changes you’ve made. If you’re happy with the new flight details and any additional charges, confirm your changes by clicking on the “Submit” button.

Step 6: Pay any additional charges

If there are any additional charges that apply to your new flight details, you’ll need to pay them before your changes can be confirmed. You can pay using your credit card or through your TAP Air Portugal account. Once the payment is processed, your changes will be confirmed, and you’ll receive a confirmation email from TAP Air Portugal.

Step 7: Print your updated itinerary

After you’ve made the necessary changes, it’s important to print out your updated itinerary. This will ensure that you have the correct details of your flight, including the new date and time, and any changes to your seat or class of travel.

Tips for changing your flight itinerary with TAP Air Portugal

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when changing your flight itinerary with TAP Air Portugal:

Check the airline’s change policy: Before making any changes, it’s important to check TAP Air Portugal’s change policy. This will give you an idea of any fees or charges that may apply, as well as any restrictions on the changes you can make.

Make changes as soon as possible: If you need to change your flight itinerary, it’s best to do so as soon as possible. This will ensure that you have the best chance of getting the flight you want, and may also help you avoid any additional fees or charges.

Be flexible: If you’re unable to find a suitable flight on your preferred date, consider being flexible with your travel plans. This could mean traveling on a different date or taking a different route to your destination.

Contact customer service: If you’re having trouble making changes to your flight itinerary online, or if you.

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