Oracle International Language Institute

Oracle International Language Institute is one of the best training institutes in Delhi for IELTS, TOEFL, German, French, Spanish, Chinese & Arabic. They offer innovative programs for all from high school students to working professionals.

They have 150+ languages courses including Mandarin for all proficiency levels and both weekdays & weekends classes. This institute also offers online training.

Courses & Classes

As China has emerged as a global superpower, the demand for people who can speak Chinese is rapidly increasing. With the help of a good Chinese language course in Delhi, you can enhance your interpersonal skills and boost your career prospects. Besides, it will be helpful in promoting your business as well. There are several reputable institutes in Delhi that offer Chinese language courses.

MeiYu Chinese Language Centre is one of them. It offers a wide range of short and long-term courses for beginners and advanced learners. Its instructors are native speakers of the language and use revolutionary teaching methods. They also provide cultural training as well as official HSK certification.

Other renowned centers offering Chinese language classes in Delhi include Henry Harvin, Upgrade Infotech, and Mandarin Academy. They provide courses for a variety of needs, including travel, business, and social interaction. They have flexible scheduling and offer discounts on a number of products and services.


Taking up Chinese as a language is definitely not an easy task. But with so much scope for import and export in China, it is worth the effort and time. It might sound intimidating but it is not as difficult as it is hyped up to be. In fact, it has a very simple grammar and does not have any cases or tenses like the European languages.

YI Chinese is one of the top Chinese language institutes in Delhi. They offer a comprehensive course for learning Mandarin. It has a flexible duration, enabling students to study according to their schedule. Their courses are interactive and communicative. They also provide a certificate after completion of each level.

Several colleges and universities in Delhi provide part-time Chinese classes. Some of them include Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College, Mall Road – Certificate; St. Stephen’s College, North Campus – Certificate and Diploma; Kalindi College, East Patel Nagar – Certificate; Daulat Ram College, Maurice Nagar – Certificate and Diploma; Ramjas College, University Enclave – Certificate and Diploma.


Taking a Chinese language course can help you secure a good job in a company that deals with China or with companies that deal with international trade. You can even learn Mandarin to make a career in the tourism sector. This is one of the most important languages in the world, so it’s a great idea to add it to your resume.

The New Delhi YMCA Institute for Career-Specific Studies offers a one-year diploma course in Chinese language. Classes are held thrice a week and the complete fee charges are 47 thousand rupees. The institute also offers a certificate in conversation and translation in Chinese.

MeiYu Chinese Language Centre Delhi offers Mandarin Chinese language courses. The teachers are native speakers and use a revolutionary teaching method that makes learning easy and enjoyable. They also offer courses that prepare students for official HSK certification. They also provide cultural training to give you a broader perspective of the country.


With China becoming one of the world’s largest economies, learning Chinese can help you in your career. With the right institute and tutor, this language can be easier than you think. The best online edtech companies offer a range of courses in this language, including training, projects, internships, certifications, and placements. These courses include a combination of e-learning, classroom sessions, boot camps, hackathons, and gold memberships.

The YMCA Institute for career studies in New Delhi offers a one-year diploma course in Chinese. Its classes are held thrice a week and cost Rs 46,676. The academy also ignites a passion for foreign languages in students, keeping them motivated throughout the course.

The academy also teaches the differences between Chinese and Mandarin. It is important to understand these differences because they can make a significant difference in how you learn the language. The academy has a team of dedicated instructors who teach the language in a way that it is easy to understand and grasp.