History of the Manchester United Shirt

Manchester United F.C. is an English football club that plays in the English Premier League. Their stadium of home is Old Trafford in Greater Manchester. Manchester United or the Red Devils as they are well-known boasts more than 300 million fans across the globe. This means that of twenty people in the world, they are avid Manchester United fans! The team is currently managed by Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United Football Jersey is among the teams that have had the greatest success throughout the past of English football. They have also been awarded 21 major championships after his appointment in the year 1986. The club’s history is remarkable there have been many stars who wore the infamous Manchester United shirt which can be traced back to the time to the time when Manchester United was called Newton Heath Lancashire as well as Yorkshire Railway Football Club. The famous strip that is known to many around the globe nowadays, has come quite a way from the club’s initial times in the latter part of 1800. When it was in the Newton Heath days, the uniforms were comprised of sections made up of green and yellow (1878 to 1892) along with other color patterns being utilized, like the red and white shirt (1892-1894) and blue shorts. Also, there was a brief period when a white shirt with a red sash was used. The whole thing changed after the name of the club was changed in 1902 to Manchester United. In 1902, the club drastically changed its kit colors to white shirts, red shirts shorts, and black socks. The new color scheme has served as the foundation of the club’s home kit for the last few years.

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The home strip consists of comprised of white shorts, black jerseys as well as white socks. However, different styles of this strip have been seen. One of the most well-known was the grey strip that was worn for the 1995-1996 seasons. It’s a bit odd that Manchester United did not win one single match while wearing this strip. The players claimed that passes went off course because it was difficult to discern their teammates! This strip of Manchester United Third Strip is blue in honor of that kit worn for 1967’s European Cup triumph. The Manchester United shirt worn for at-home games has a red color with a white stripe running along the back. The patch that reads “The Red Devils” on an image of the team’s mascot, devil is embroidered on the left-hand side portion of the shirt. The club’s logo appears in red on the breast on the left. The emblem has seen many changes throughout the years, however, it draws its design from the crest of the City of Manchester. “Red Devil,” as it is known “Red Devil” was added in the late 1960s, after Matt Busby heard the nickname that was being utilized by an amateur rugby team in the area. The shirt worn by the away team currently is white and blue piping on the edges. It features red trim around the neck, and the emblem of the club is displayed in white against a white background on one breast on the left.