How To Get Your Aluminium Windows To Sparkle Like A Pro

Nothing screams “clean and organised,” like dust and streak-free windows. It does not matter whether you install the windows at home or work. Every living and working space deserves to be spotlessly clean. In most cases, that’s not an issue since your focus goes to dusting surfaces, yet you forget the windows need cleaning too.

Imagine having beautiful aluminium windows at home and seeing dust and streaks whenever you look outside. Indeed, the frequency of window cleaning depends on your routine and preferences. But according to Forbes, you must do intense window cleaning at least twice a year. You can dust the frame every two months and the glass monthly.

If you have issues cleaning your windows, here are a few tips to guide you through:

Window Cleaning: How to Do It

Windows get dirty from dust, airborne debris, and pollen. Rainwater leaves water spots on the exterior, meaning you must often wipe the glass. But how do you do it to get windows looking sparkling clean instead of streak-filled?

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Get a suitable glass cleaner or multipurpose cleaning agent to clean windows properly. A clean microfibre cloth or sponge is necessary to wipe the dust and dirt off the windows.

Step 2: Focus on the Aluminium Frames 

Use a hose (on the outside) to remove superficial dirt from your frames if possible. Use a detergent solution and cloth to wipe off the dirt. Repeat this step, ensuring the cloth is damp to prevent dirty water from dripping aluminium frame door.

Step 3: Spray the Cleaning Agent and Wipe

Spray the glass from the inside or outside using the cleaning agent. Use a cloth or sponge to wipe off the cleaning solution. If you don’t have cleaning supplies, warm soapy water works just as well. Start working from top to bottom to avoid dirtying the window as you wipe.

Step 4: Check for Streaks

It is common to leave streaks after wiping windows on the first go. If you notice any, go over the window with a squeegee, paper towel, or old cotton t-shirt. Go from top to bottom and left to right to cover every spot.

Step 5: Check the Frame and Glass Corners

Dirt and dust accumulate in glass corners because they’re tricky to clean. Cotton buds are the best for these stubborn areas since they cannot damage the frame.

Points to Remember When Cleaning Aluminium Frames

Powder-coated frames need little upkeep due to high powder quality. The coating protects aluminium frames from the following:

  • Scratches
  • Permanent marks
  • Abrasions

When cleaning these frames, avoid harsh products or methods that compromise the powder coating’s finish. Products containing bleach and abrasive cloths are a no-go zone. Use mild detergent and warm water to maintain powder-coated aluminium window frames.

TipAnodised windows are as good as powder-coated ones because they have an oxide layer to protect them from corrosion. If your window frames are non-anodised, you must wipe them dry to prevent rust formation.

Still, leaving windows dry prevents dust from accumulating due to moisture. A clean, dry cloth must be among the supplies to leave your windows sparkling clean.

Benefits of Window Cleaning

A better view of the outside is one benefit. Others include the following:

  • Preventing window damage 
  • Protecting indoor air quality 
  • Maintaining a home’s energy efficiency 
  • Preventing constant window maintenance 
  • Improving curb appeal 
  • Extending windows’ shelf-life
  • Improving entry of light 

Windows are a worthy investment, and since you spend a lot of money on them, you must maintain them regularly. That involves dusting and cleaning them according to schedule and avoiding harmful cleaning cloths and detergents. With the right cleaning method and products, your windows look as good as new.