6 Things Behind the Charmed Series Popularity Explained


Charmed Series

The charmed series has its charm engraved in people across the world. Despite its premiere in the late 90s, its magic in fans’ hearts and minds is still active. The show’s rating is much higher than other fantasy TV shows today. But what is behind its popularity? This guide explains the many factors behind the show’s popularity and why the reboot will have a larger audience reception.

It Is Family Focused

A family-focused TV show is always attractive to households. Despite the plot and storyline revolving around magic and the mythical world, fans can see how the three sisters handle their family issues and support each other as they wage war against evil. Their sisterly bond makes it easy for them to navigate the supernatural world and use their powers effectively. One can see how the show maintains family bonds throughout the seasons.

A Perfect Mix of Real and Fantasy Life Throughout the Show

Not every day, you come across a show that perfectly blends real and fantasy life. According to showrunner Brad Kern, the show makers ensured the monotony of the fantasy world gets broken to get a balance with real life. Fans can see the family drama between the sisters, community members, and their loved ones unfold despite the lurking danger in the mythical world. This perfect mix is one of the main reasons for the Charmed series’ popularity.

The Mighty Girl Power

In the 90s, some aspects defined the girl’s role in society. It is not easy to find a show that centers on women and their abilities throughout history. The Charmed series premiere gave a different but positive perspective on women in the film industry. This show proved that an all-female lead role can be as good as an all-male lead role. The show started a new dawn for the female actors, making it popular.

Fans Get Charmed by Nature

The fun side of watching the Charmed series is getting more of the outdoors. One avoids the restriction of indoor setup and conversation and gets deeper into action that happens in nature. The showrunners ensured that most battles with mythical creatures happened in forests, caves, water bodies, and fields. Watching the transition of setups from the household, nature, mythical creatures, fights, and magical powers as a fan is interesting.


The show is not all about magic, demons, fights, and girl power. The incorporation of the sisters’ romantic lives and their battles to make their relationships work is something to marvel at. It is interesting to watch how the three sisters struggle with romance, the wins and losses, and the happy endings they encounter. While they have magical powers and the ability to fight evil, fighting love proved to be a hurdle, but in the long run, they succeeded.

The Mythical World

Every fan gets transported into the fantasy mythical world, where they encounter mythical creatures, including demons, vampires, white lighters, fairies, monsters, and witches. Fans also see how one can use magical powers to enact positive outcomes and win wars against evil.

When you understand the popularity behind the Charmed series, you look forward to one of the best shows in the reboot. The show retains its thrill and magic in fans’ hearts and minds. The things explained in this guide are among the many to expect in the new show.