How To Apply For Family Sponsorship Immigration To Canada?

Canada is one of the most sought-after countries in the world when it comes to settling down, thanks to the innumerable opportunities, thriving economy, high quality of life, and immigration-friendly procedures. Even if you have relocated as an individual, Canada immigration with family members is possible. You can gradually sponsor your family members and get them to Canada, provided you are a permanent resident or citizen of the country.

In this article, get to know all about family sponsorship immigration to Canada and how to apply for the same. 

Family Sponsorship Immigration Canada

You can sponsor your relatives, including your spouse, child or partner to come to Canada if you are 18 years and older and are a:

  • Permanent resident of India or
  • Canadian citizen or
  • A person who is registered in Canada under the Canadian Indian Act as an Indian

Applying Online for Family Sponsorship Immigration

If you want to apply online to sponsor your child, spouse or partner, there are two applications: one application to become a sponsor and another application to be submitted by your partner, spouse or child to become a permanent resident. Once approved, you will get a spouse visa to Canada. Here’s how you can apply online for family sponsorship Immigration. 

– Application to Sponsor

The sponsor must download the PDF application forms, fill them, and digitally sign along with the person he is sponsoring (principal applicant). The principal applicant will upload these to their online form and electronically sign the application.  

– Application to Be Sponsored for Permanent Residence

Create an account on the permanent residence application portal. Fill out the required digital application forms. If you are already on a work permit, you can continue to work until the validity expires. If you are staying in Canada with the person who is sponsoring you, you can apply for an open work permit when applying for permanent residence. 

– Fix Your Biometrics Appointment and Pay the Application Fee

Book an appointment for your biometrics at the earliest to avoid a delay in processing and pay the application fee. The fee generally includes the processing fee for the sponsor as well as the principal applicant and their dependents, biometrics fee, and the right of PR fee. Depending on your individual profile, you may have to pay third-party fees such as for your medical test or a police certificate. 

– Provide Additional Details (If anything is requested for while processing)

While processing, the principal application may have to submit police certificates and medical test certificates. The biometrics process also needs to be completed. 

– Submit the Online Application

Before submitting the application, ensure that you have furnished the correct information, signed the application, uploaded all supporting documents, and enclosed the receipt for processing fee. If the application is incomplete, it may get rejected. 

Once your application is submitted, follow up regularly. You can get updates about the status of your application online. If you and the individual you are sponsoring are eligible in all aspects, you will get an email with a request to link the application to an online account.