How Bird Spikes Can Keep Pigeons off Your Balcony

Even while we adore nature, it is undoubtedly unpleasant to have pigeons attack our balcony. With their nesting materials, feathers, and droppings, these birds can create a mess. Additionally, they can be pushy and boisterous, which makes it challenging to enjoy your outdoor environment. Bird spikes, however, are a cheap and practical answer to this issue. This post will explain how bird spikes can deter pigeons from landing on your balcony and provide you with some helpful installation advice.


How do Bird Spikes work?

Bird spikes Dubai are a cheap yet efficient way to keep birds from landing and roosting on different types of surfaces. They are long, thin, pointed rods made of sturdy materials like stainless steel or plastic that are challenging for birds to perch on. On a number of surfaces, including ledges, rooftops, gutters, and balconies, bird spikes can be put.

Why Do You Want Bird Spikes?

Pigeons can be deterred from landing on your balcony humanely and environmentally by using bird spikes. Bird spikes in Dubai do not injure birds in any manner, in contrast to conventional bird control techniques like insecticides or nets. Instead, they merely prevent them from landing and roosting on your balcony. Bird spikes are also a durable alternative that requires little upkeep once set.


How Should Bird Spikes Be Installed on a Balcony?

Putting bird spikes on your balcony is a quick and easy technique that only requires the following steps:


Step 1: Surface Cleaning

It is crucial to carefully clean the surface before placing bird spikes. This will guarantee proper spike adherence and optimum efficiency. Clean the surface with water and a light detergent, then allow it to completely dry.


Step 2: Surface Measurement

To estimate how many bird spikes you’ll need, measure the length and width of your balcony. Get enough bird spikes to cover your balcony’s whole surface.


Install the Base in Step 3

The base of the bird spikes needs to be bolted or glued to the balcony surface. Make sure the foundation is level and firmly fastened.


Step 4: Screw the spikes in.

Make sure the spikes are evenly spaced apart and facing upward before fastening them to the base. The spikes may need to be trimmed to fit the balcony’s edges.


Check the Installation in Step 5

Once the bird spikes are put in place, ensure sure they are still there and working correctly by checking them frequently. Replace any spikes that have come off or are damaged right away.


Additional Advice to Deter Pigeons from Your Balcony

You can use the following additional advice in addition to utilising bird spikes to deter pigeons from landing on your balcony:


Keep your balcony spotless and clear of any trash or food crumbs that can attract pigeons.

Fill in any cracks or openings on your balcony to keep birds out.

To deter pigeons from your balcony, provide a bird feeder nearby.

To scare away pigeons, use reflective or sparkling things such as CDs or aluminium foil.

Think of utilising additional bird control techniques like bird netting or ultrasonic devices.


Knowledge of Pigeon Behaviour

Let’s take a moment to better understand pigeon behaviour before discussing the advantages of bird spikes and how to install them. Pigeons are gregarious birds that do well in cities. They have a strong sense of direction and can quickly find food, water, and shelter by navigating through urban areas.


Unfortunately, pigeons frequently consider balconies to be perfect places to nest. They are drawn to the protection and food supplies offered by balconies, like bird feeders or discarded food. Pigeons will return to a nest they have already built year after year to breed and roost.


On your balcony, pigeons can result in a number of issues, including:


Property damage: Pigeons can wreak havoc on plants, furniture, and even the framework of a balcony.

Pigeon droppings can carry dangerous bacteria and viruses that can lead to respiratory troubles and other health problems.

Pigeon noise pollution can make it impossible to unwind or get any sleep on your balcony, especially during the breeding season.


Advantages of Bird Spikes

Let’s examine the advantages of employing bird spikes to deter pigeons from landing on your balcony now that we have a better understanding of their behaviour and the issues they might cause.


1. Being economical

Bird spikes are a practical and cost-effective method of controlling birds. They are constructed from strong materials that can survive severe weather and, once placed, require little to no upkeep. They are therefore an affordable choice for keeping pigeons off your balcony.


2. Refined

Bird spikes are a humanitarian alternative to other bird control techniques like insecticides or netting because they don’t hurt the birds in any manner. Simply said, they discourage birds from landing and roosting on surfaces, which encourages them to look for alternate nesting locations.


3. Environmentally friendly

Bird spikes installation Dubai are an environmentally friendly method of controlling birds. They don’t make use of any chemicals or other potentially dangerous materials that could harm the environment or other species.


4. Simple Installation

The installation of  on your balcony is simple. All you have to do is clear the area, measure the balcony’s length and width, install the base, fasten the spikes, and periodically check the installation.


5. Powerful

Bird spikes are a very effective method of controlling birds. They are perfect for keeping pigeons off your balcony since they restrict birds from landing and roosting on surfaces.



An easy, efficient, and compassionate approach to keep pigeons off your balcony is using bird spikes. You may enjoy your outside space without having pigeons bother you or leave a mess by using the installation advice and other guidelines in this article. Keep in mind to routinely inspect your bird spikes and to keep both you and your feathered companions in a tidy and secure environment.