Horrible Ways to Disrupt Your Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are one of the best garments that are the best choice for both men and women. Any of them can wear this special garment to enhance their personalities. All leather jackets are so much stylish and unique. Due to this, they can provide exceptional results that no other form of garment can provide. It doesn’t matter whether you wear a specific motorcycle leather jacket or any other simple leather jacket. It always gives you a feeling of being fashionable that no other can provide.

That is why keeping your leather jacket safe is your very big responsibility. To keep enjoying it for a very long time. In this guide, some of the most common ways are described by which a person can easily destroy a leather jacket. If you are one of them, you must read it properly and try to avoid these mistakes.

Common Ways to Disrupt Your Leather Jackets:

Taking care of a leather jacket is very dependable on the kind of leather jacket. Some leather jackets are made of quality leather, like sheepskin leather, and some are made using regular cowhide leather. However, all of them can easily be destroyed by simple mistakes. It would be best to avoid these mistakes to enjoy your leather jackets for as long as you want. So, let’s take a look and learn about those common and horrible mistakes that can easily disrupt a leather jacket.

By Hanging The Wet Jacket:

Leather jackets often get wet when you are outside and suddenly starts raining. Rain will make your jacket wet, and if you don’t care about it properly, then it will cause big damage. Many people hang their leather jackets in a closet while it is still wet due to rain or any other cause. By doing this, the moisture on the surface of the jacket is absorbed by the jacket, which causes the leather to lose shape and get destroyed very easily. This specifically happened with motorcycle riders who regularly wear their jackets in all weather conditions.

Good quality leather jackets are very tough for these conditions; however, remaining in contact with water for a long time still damages the jacket very badly. So, whenever you hang your jacket, make sure it is not wet, and you are storing it in a cool, airy and dry place because the closets in your room don’t get much air which never lets the jacket dry properly. This mistake will lead the jacket towards getting wrinkles, colour loss and tearing. So, always ensure the jacket is completely dry and store it in your closet.

By Leaving it Under Direct Sun:

This is another mistake that several jacket owners make. They leave their leather jackets under direct sunlight for a very long time. Some people do this method to quickly dry the leather jacket after getting it wet. They leave their leather jacket under direct sunlight or use any heat gun or heat drier near a fireplace in their home. This sudden heat is very dangerous for the leather jacket as it cause the jacket to dry, and if a limit increases that dryness, the jacket will start decaying from that position.

These jackets are made from animal skins and react the same as our skin. You notice that it gets burnt quickly when you expose your skin to direct sunlight or a fireplace. This case is the same with leather jackets; they start decaying right after getting drier. So, always leave your leather jackets at room temperature to dry them naturally.

By Storing it Under Heavy Weights:

Another mistake normal people make, which disrupts their leather jackets, is storing the jacket under a heavy-weight object. This happens when the winter season ends and people store their heavy clothes in the closet. Instead of storing them in a hangar, they place them on the shelf in the closet. Sometimes in a hurry, they place their leather jackets at the very bottom of the closet and place heavy objects.

Placing heavy objects on leather jackets causes wrinkles to form. Those wrinkles become a major causeofn destroying the leather jacket. So, always remember, when you store your leather jacket in a closet, store it on top of every other cloth. The best and most recommended way to store a leather jacket is by hanging them on a wooden hanger. To keep it safe from any wrinkles.

By Not Taking Care of The Jacket:

The last but not least reason that leads towards the disruption of a leather jacket is not taking care of or not maintaining your jacket as we know that the leather surface has very tiny pores in it, which carries dust and debris whenever we wear it. AsIf you stop caring for the jacket, those dust and debris particles cause dryness in the jacket, leading to disastrous results. As a result, you might lose your favourite jacket, and you can’t even know all the time.

So, it is recommended by experts that you must have to take care of your jacket regularly. For that purpose, clean dust and debris from the surface using a damp cloth and then leave it to dry naturally. Then apply some amount of conditioner on it to preserve the jacket for many years. So, if you want to wear your leather jacket for as long as you want, you must start caring for it.


Leather jackets are very expensive, but when you buy a leather jacket, you must protect it. There are several methods by which you can keep your jacket safe. One of them is just caring. So, make every penny you spend on your jacket worth by keeping it safe from disrupting methods. This way, you can enjoy the jacket for a long time.