How to Organize and Enjoy a Luxury Vacation in the Middle East

: organize and enjoy a luxury vacation in the Middle East

You deserved it – a luxurious break from all the hard work and responsibilities you’ve taken so diligently. However, having a great vacation is not always about money. Sometimes, you can pay a lot and still don’t enjoy it to the fullest. In fact, the key to a completely successful vacation is organization. Planning the whole thing will ensure you’ve got the most out of your time, but also the price you pay. Middle eastern has some great destinations where fun and relaxation are guaranteed, and this guide will tell you how to make this time perfect. We hope you’ll find these tips useful – learn how to organize and enjoy a luxury vacation in the Middle East to the fullest.

Choose the right time

The Middle East is known for rather hot summer temperatures, so choosing the right time for your vacation can really help you enjoy it. Common summer months such as June, July, and August tend to be very hot, which is why you should avoid those dates if you’re not used to such temperatures. Most commonly, tourists choose dates in April, May, October, and November – and some destinations offer pleasant weather even during December and January.

Also, don’t forget that the duration of your vacation is important as well. A vacation that’s too short may make it difficult to relax and disconnect from all your stress and worries back home. The optimal stay is one or two weeks, which is just enough time to get used to the vacation rhythm, relax and prepare for the period that comes afterward. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your beach or pool time, try out all the delicious meals and also do some sightseeing and shopping without being in a hurry.

Location is (almost) everything

Location is the key to a memorable vacation. Luckily, the Middle East is filled with great places to have fun, enjoy beach time and experience a unique culture. Explore destinations before you choose according to your family’s preferences. Some of the top spots in the Middle East where you can have a true luxury vacation include:

  1. Dubai – the synonym for modern luxury, Dubai is one of the best places to enjoy a luxury vacation in the Middle East. Check out places such as Burj Al Arab – the iconic building in the city. Also, there’s Atlantis The Palm, Four Seasons At Jumeirah Beach, and Bulgari Resort in Dubai.
  2. Abu Dhabi – iconic Middle Eastern experience is guaranteed in Abu Dhabi. Check out the Emirates Palace, a beautiful resort perfect for a couple of days away in a luxurious resort with a pristine beach and Arabian hospitality at its finest.
  3. Oman – this country is home to the Six Senses Zighy Bay resort which should be your choice if you want an exceptional cultural experience. Inspired by Oman’s old villages, this resort lets you enjoy luxury as well as the simplicity of the local lifestyle. Another great place in Oman is Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah in Muscat – a luxurious resort surrounded by lush gardens and filled with amazing facilities to help you relax and have a great time.
  4. Jeddah – this middle eastern gem is famous for being a commercial hub of this part of the world, and home to many expats making the most of their careers. The Bride of the Red Sea is also home to some unique resorts that can provide you with an ultimate luxury vacation experience. Check Waldorf Astoria Jeddah, one of the top-rated resorts with direct access to the beach, indoor pool and wellness, stunning views, and top-notch service.

And if Jeddah is your future home as an expat, this could be a perfect opportunity to check out details about your new job, housing, and other services. Planning a move is more complex than planning a vacation, so be sure to explore all your options well before deciding. You’ll have to sort out your documents, and find a convenient home and a place to leave excess items in case your new place is smaller than the old one. Finally, you’ll have the choose the best team to transfer your items to the Middle East safely.

Choose the right package

Do some research on your hotel’s packages and services, so you can pick the one that will help you truly unwind. Usually, an all-inclusive package is the best choice to ensure you’ve got everything you need and don’t worry about additional costs. Either way, do a comparison of a couple of hotels and see where you can get the best value for the money.

Plan the activities

Middle Eastern resort locations are often filled with great activities such as dune buggy rides, visiting a theme park, and skydiving, but also nearby sightseeing locations. If you’re into such kind of fun, it would be a pity to miss unique places of culture, religion, or history. Plan your activities in advance, so you can book all the necessary tickets and transport on time but also save time on your vacation, too. This way, you’ll have everything ready when you arrive so you’ll be able to enjoy the time before the activities without any distractions.

Pack everything you might need

Make sure you’ve got all the clothes, electronics, and suitable chargers, as well as medicines and other necessities. This way you can relax and truly enjoy a luxury vacation in the Middle East without worrying about these details or wasting time trying to buy or find them from the hotel. This is also an important tip if you’re about to move to another country. Sometimes, certain things are difficult to find in a foreign country, so Four Winds KSA suggests you ensure you’ve got all the things packed beforehand, especially when it comes to medical therapy, special cosmetics, supplements, and similar items.

Set the mood

The whole point of these planning steps is to allow you to prepare mentally and be able to relax and enjoy a luxury vacation in the Middle East. Packing on time and finishing all the work tasks beforehand will help you have a stress-free vacation and have no distractions in making the most out of this travel and creating some unforgettable memories.