5 Tips That Help You Choose the Right Washing Machine

Laundry can be a time-consuming task. Sorting, loading, fluffing, and folding can be tedious. However, when it comes to dirty work—the actual cleaning—a good washing machine can lighten your load for years. That is if you select the correct one.

Washing machines have come a long way by introducing new features and designs, intelligence, sensitivity, cleaning performance, and user-friendliness. Still, with so many possibilities, picking the best one can be intimidating. 


Though modern washers appear sleek and high-tech, they are not all created equal. Some clean clothes better, some wash clothes more gently, some save energy, and some last longer.

Read on for more information on five factors when shopping for the best washing machine.


1. Performance (High-Efficiency)

To be marketed as a high-efficiency laundry appliance, a washer must meet specific criteria and guidelines regarding water, electricity, and detergent use. It cannot use the HE symbol if it does not meet the requirements.

Because the agitator is absent (or much shorter) in most high-efficiency machines, the washer can handle more laundry at once. This minimizes the time required to complete a wash cycle and the resources (water, detergent, and electricity) needed to clean each load.


In addition, look for at least 1200 to 1600 RPM spin speeds, as high spin speeds will efficiently remove more water from your clothes so they can dry faster. Other features to consider in testing the performance of a machine, such as simpson washing machine, is gentleness on fabric and available settings. For instance, what cycle settings are available? Does it have a cycle to clean extra dirty loads, sanitize cycles, or the option to add more water for loads that require a deeper cleaning?


2. Smart Features 

Innovative appliances like Wi-Fi-enabled washing machines and dryers can connect to a network in the same way that tablets and smartphones can. Whether at home or away, you can control the washing machine using an app on your tablet or smartphone. You can then set the washing machine remotely via a tablet or phone app, Alexa, or Google Assistant.


 If you’re constantly in a rush to leave the house and often need to remember to start the wash cycle before you leave, an intelligent washing machine will allow you to do it from anywhere, as long as you have access to the machine’s app. It is possible to monitor the washing process from your mobile device and receive an alert when the load is finished.


These smart washers also feature automatic program selection and extra downloadable programs, including steam washes. Then there’s the memory feature that will remember your most-used programs and suggest them. Some even have an energy use check that lets you know how much energy your machine consumes in real-time. 

3. Auto-dosing

This is an essential feature for people who despise having to measure out laundry detergent before each load. Auto-dosing washing machines can automatically dose your detergent and fabric conditioner. You can fill up with a month’s worth of detergent and fabric conditioner at a time, eliminating the need to manually dose every time you want to do a load of laundry. 


The amount added by the machine will vary,  depending on factors such as how dirty or heavy your clothes are. Another distinction is that, as long as your smartphone or tablet is compatible with 3G networks, you can control the washing machine from anywhere using the manufacturer’s app. 


The majority of intelligent auto-dosing washing machines operate in the same manner. After registering, load your clothes into the machine and add laundry detergent and fabric softener to the auto-dispenser. Set your washing machine and enjoy the extra time with your family. You can do your laundry for the next month without having to measure detergent manually. Furthermore, some of these machines will allow you to add a different detergent separately for specific loads.


4. Type: Top-loading vs. Front Loading


When you go appliance shopping, you’ll first notice two kinds of high-efficiency washers. One has a front door, while the other, like the old standard washer, has a lid on top. 


Front loaders are frequently among the best-performing washing machines, so if you can afford to splurge, a more expensive washing machine is better and more effective at saving you money in the long run. Experts such as Wire Cutter discovered that front-loaders remove more soil from fabric than top loaders in a controlled test. Front-loaders also dominate the ranking at Consumer Reports for wash performance. According to the report, front-load washing machines are superior to top-load ones in terms of stain removal, water removal, and efficiency.


5. Energy-saving


An energy-efficient washing machine uses less water and electricity than a standard one. Investing in a water- and energy-efficient washer will help save electricity for years. Depending on the type, home appliances can account for as much as 25% of a home’s total energy use, so ensuring you have the most energy-efficient model is crucial. They assist in reducing your utility costs while safeguarding the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. 


A higher star rating indicates more significant energy savings. A 5-star washing machine, for example, saves more energy than a 4-star or 3-star washing machine.

In Conclusion

Choosing a washing machine can be daunting because no two households have the exact laundry needs. However, these few factors can help you select a washing machine. That best fits your needs.