Tips for choosing finishes in banner printing

Banner: To correctly place your order, several specifications must be taken into account when choosing the finishes on the banners. We start:

1. Is My banner, better front lit or micro-perforated?

This should be the first decision. The main factor to take into account is whether the banner should go outdoors or indoors. The best option for outdoor banners is micro-perforated, basically for two factors: security and the best finish. The micro-perforated canvas avoids the sail effect, therefore we gain in safety afterward since once well stretched there are no wrinkles.

Outdoors, if we talk about small canvases (300 x 100 cm, 400 x 100 cm, 250 x 150 cm,…) we can choose frontlit canvas without any problem.

2. Buttonholes, yes or no?

It will always depend on the installation you want to do. If the canvas will be installed outside, between trees, lampposts, and existing structures, the grommets must always be chosen. The distance between them (100 cm, 50 cm or 25 cm) will depend on the level of support required. For Mesh and Vinyl Banners Arlington, VA that must cover facades, it is better to choose 25 cm, since it greatly increases the level of support. For small-format announcement banners (acts, elections,…), choosing every 100 cm we have enough.

If the installation, for example, a photocall for a wedding, will depend on the place where it should be placed, since it may be better to choose a pod. The same happens with the banners, the best option is the sheath.

As always the best choice is common sense and for any questions, we are available to our customers.

3. Perimeter reinforcement?

We always recommend making a perimeter reinforcement. The canvas gains consistency and at the time of its installation, it is always much easier.

On the other hand, if the banner must be placed, for example on a wooden frame for interior use, perimeter reinforcement would not be necessary.

Do you need banners for your next event or marketing promotion? We can produce one, 100 or 1,000 banners digitally printed in full color on durable PVC vinyl. There are no color limitations, and a variety of finishes are available, including textured vinyl and gloss coatings. Buttonholes, pockets and seams can be easily incorporated. Do you need a giant banner to cover one side of your building? No problem. We can permanently combine pieces to create a durable banner of almost any size, and we can install it too. Vinyl banners can be made with photos, gradients, fades, glows, 3D effects, and almost any other digital imaging effect. Everything is possible with our wide range of possibilities.

Custom vinyl banners for any need

Custom reusable banners made to last

Vinyl banners are a popular and affordable method of promoting special events and product launches, in any size to suit the needs of your space. Our durable indoor or outdoor full color vinyl banners will make your promotion or business stand out from all the rest.

Stretch Your Budget With Stock Vinyl Banners

Minimum waste, maximum efficiency

For maximum efficiency in large quantities, standard-size vinyl banners minimize material waste and lower your overall cost per banner. Vinyl banner printing is often produced digitally using roll-fed techniques, so choosing an overall finish size that fits most efficiently and maximizes material can reduce overall cost.

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