Restaurant Lighting In barcelona Marea Alta Success Story

Marea Alta, a restaurant whose lighting project we took care of.  It is located on the top three floors of one of the tallest buildings, almost on the seafront, in the city of Barcelona, ​​the Edificio Colón, located in its homonymous square.

To give you an idea of ​​its dimensions, it is worth telling you that this unique restaurant is capable of accommodating more than 60 diners in its dining room, as well as being able to hold two parties or events at the same time in the areas set aside for it.

For the interior design of the restaurant spaces, the partners of the establishment were very clear that they wanted to evoke the interior of a ship or a submarine, given the location of the restaurant, close to the old Barcelona shipyards, in addition to designing dishes consistent with this criterion, fish its main specialty.

modern round chandelier

An interior design that had to match perfectly with the “Marea Alta” philosophy and highlight the singularities of a space completely surrounded by windows.

When they contacted us, the interior designers Cecilia Moretti and Laura Muñoz were very clear about the definition of the spaces, the fabrics, the colors, the furniture and, of course, part of the decorative lighting in terms of lamps that would support the aesthetics of the restaurant. .

Our role served especially as technical support for the lighting of the kitchen, the dining room tables and the bars, as well as that of the passageways and terraces.

How to choose the best lighting for a restaurant?

Depending on the type of lighting project we are facing, the modus operandi is different.

On the other hand, in the lighting project for the “Marea Alta” restaurant, we focused on lighting tests as a way to success.

During the works, we put special effort into lighting tests to study first-hand all the possibilities that we could contemplate, in order to achieve the desired lighting effects.

It should be noted that this restaurant has three well-differentiated floors :

The lounge and terrace area on the 23rd floor, known as Marea Baja,
The restaurant on the 24th floor,

In addition, “Marea Alta” stands out for its variable lighting depending on the time of day .

This means that the light from outside that enters through the windows affects the spaces depending on whether it is day or night, giving them their own personality depending on the time of day.

What design lamps to put in a modern and unique restaurant?

To reinforce the elegance of the space and the category of its gastronomy, we opted for unique decorative lamps , rehabilitated by Blom&Blom, which were combined with other mythical design lamps:

For the restaurant table area , enhancing functionality without affecting the design of the environment, we use the FLOS RUNNING MAGNET rail system with Spot projectors.

A system that allows great versatility.

What are the keys to success in lighting a restaurant?

There are no universal recipes to solve all lighting challenges, but our experience has given us some small guidelines when it comes to tackling restaurant lighting with these characteristics.

Here you have them.

1) Be clear about the concept of the restaurant, the objective environment, and what expectations we want to offer the client.

2) Determine very well the interior design criteria and the type of activities that will take place in the space.