How to illuminate the facade of a building lighting

Lighting One of the characteristics of a well-illuminated object (whatever it may be) is that it draws our attention more than one that is not.

Do you agree so far?

Barcelona, ​​the city where our lighting studio is located, like other major capitals in the world, is committed and stands out more and more for supporting the lighting of the facades of its most emblematic buildings and thus giving them presence and prominence.

That is why today we wanted to talk to you about how to carry out the correct lightr on the facades of unique and emblematic buildings.

Why illuminate the facade of a building?

There are several reasons why we may want to illuminate a Building and thus generate greater visibility and impact (read this other article in which we explain how the David Building in Barcelona has illuminated its neoclassical façade following a corporate image renovation strategy).

There are both purely aesthetic and beauty, as well as commercial, or to give them a social role and thus improve urban quality.

Correctly illuminating the façade of a Building achieves:

greater spatial presence compared to those around it,
can be used to communicate corporate symbols and icons,
It will generate brand impact.

The lighting of building facades: 4 essential premises to do it correctly

There are more than four, but the following are the ones that should never be missing when you want to illuminate the facade of a building.

Do we see them?

1. How do you want the lighting to show the facade?

You can outline the elements such as capitals, columns, and balconies, or you can give a more homogeneous bath of light to a large part of the façade.

2.   What do you want to communicate when you illuminate the facade of the building?

You must decide what you want to express when you illuminate the facade of the Building.

It is as a reason for a specific marketing campaign, to create a classic and sober atmosphere, to enhance a corporate image for a specific target…

Once you have decided what, you must choose the color of the light, together with what its intensity will be, and from there decide if it is necessary for it to be adjustable, dynamic, or mobile.

4. Where to place the luminaires when lighting the facade of a building?

Pay special attention to the place where you intend to place the luminaires, as the lighting result will have nothing to do with their location.

So that these are not the protagonists of the façade, they must be as hidden as possible, for example on the cornices, or also inside the balconies.

And you must also keep in mind that the lighting reflects only on the Building in question, and does not exceed the power or angles of light, to avoid what in our jargon is called light pollution in the environment.

So far these basic but fundamental guidelines that you must take into account before lighting the facade of any building.

Follow all these tips and you will have a lot of cattle.

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