Advertising stationery or small format

Today we are going to talk about advertising or small-format stationery. We will comment on the general aspects to take into account for the design of brochures, we will detail the types of advertising Brochures and Stationaries Arlington, VA that exist and we will delve into the types of flyers as it is the most widespread type of brochure.

Aspects to take into account for the design of brochures.

Visual relationship with brand identity.

  1. If it should adapt to the brand image or not. Starting from 0 is not the same as starting from a preset image.
  2. How will it be distributed? By hand, in vehicles, in mailboxes, in an envelope, inside a folder, etc…
  3. Type of content. Check beforehand that we are clear about the type of content that is going to be included in the flyer. Texts, logos, typology of images, slogans, etc…
  4. How to communicate the content. We have to organize the content hierarchically. Corporate flyers will have a more formal language, while promotional flyers, for example, will have a more colloquial language.
  5. Final distribution of the brochure. From the beginning of the project, we will have to be clear about the final support of the brochure and its means of distribution. It will not be the same to distribute a printed brochure as to do it through the Internet.
  6. Production budget. If we have a low budget, couché paper of 80-125 gr. If the budget is not a condition, we can opt for a paper with a better texture than couché, and a substantially higher grammage.

Types of brochures according to their format.


The leaflet is a sheet of paper whose size (11 x 16 cm) is half a page, one-eighth of a sheet of paper, from which the name comes.

Flyer or flyer.

A flyer (also known as a flyer) is a printed piece of paper, generally, the size of half a page, which is distributed directly from hand to hand to people on the streets and in which something is announced, requested, questioned, or stated.

Flyers can be of several types:

  • Company brochure: It is the brochure that makes the company and its identity image is known to the general public. Answer the question… Who are we?
  • Services brochure: Information brochure that describes the services and functions developed by the company.
  • Promotional brochure: One that sells a very specific product or service, so its design and presentation should be as striking and direct as possible.
  • Informative brochure: It is used to provide all the information related to a specific topic or event.
  • Mixed Brochure: The one that includes the first 3 types. Widely used for cost savings in the company.


A diptych is an informative brochure folded into two parts.

One of the most used measurements is 20×21 cm, leaving each section or blade with a measurement of 10 cm, although 29.7×21 cm can also be used, leaving each blade with 14.85cm.


A triptych is an informational brochure folded into three parts.

The main measurement will be 21×29.7 cm, leaving each shovel of 10cm.

Quadriptych and polyptych.

The sheet is folded into 4 equal parts.

We hope this information has been useful to you and helps you choose what type of small-format advertising to use in your campaigns.