Countertop Wall Hung Vanity Unit – How to Buy the Perfect One?

Bathrooms with limited space and congested layouts often demand unique but functional fixtures. Where typical accessories struggle to fit in, homeowners are required to search for amenities that are more functional, acquire less space, and look aesthetically elegant as well.

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom? A wall-hung vanity unit can be a great way to augment the design and functionality of your space. Not only do they look stylish, but many Counter Top Wall Hung Vanity Unit also comes with plenty of storage compartments for keeping things organized and tidy. Before committing to a purchase, however, it’s worth taking the time to consider what type of countertop material is best suited for you. This article will provide an overview of the factors you should take into account when selecting a new countertop vanity unit for your bathroom. Read on to discover all about how you can choose the right one that fits in with your aesthetic plus offers plenty of functional features too!

Difference Between Countertop Wall Hung Vanity Unit and Standard Vanity Unit 

A countertop wall hung vanity unit is a convenient and stylish item of bathroom furniture. Not only does it provide valuable storage space, but it also has a sleek design that suits a wide range of bathroom sizes and layouts. The vanity unit typically comes with one or two drawers and shelves. 

If you’re looking to make your bathroom appear brighter and bigger, then countertop wall hung vanity units are an excellent choice as they allow for easy installation without taking up too much floor space. Additionally, many varieties come in beautiful wood and stone finishes that match the other décor elements in the room while creating a cohesive look.

Why Countertop Wall Hung Vanity Units?

With floor-standing vanity units staying large and bulky – a no-go for smaller bathrooms, the market’s attention shifted to more compact and futuristic-appearing countertop wall hung vanity units. These vanity units are designed to suit any planned bathroom with limited space, ensuring versatility and practicality all in one. 

Since wall-mounted vanity units were originally designed for contemporary and luxe bathroom suites, their exorbitant prices were the biggest hassle in their popularity. But soon, the floating vanities made their way into cloakrooms as well, bathrooms that were otherwise far too big for conventional vanities. 

With that said, wall-hunt vanities are now seen in all sorts of traditional and contemporary outlooks, not to mention the varying range of sizes. Whether you have a spacious bathroom suite or want a wall-mounted vanity for your cloakroom, this article covers all you need to know.

Countertop Wall Hung Vanity Unit for Small Bathrooms

Wall-mounted vanities and small bathrooms make a perfect match. You may as well install a standard freestanding unit in the bathroom, but when it comes to accessibility and utility wall-hung vanities are on another level. 

The elevated placement of the fixture tucks neatly into the smallest of spaces while making the room look like the vanity is floating in the air. This creates a sense of open space in the bathroom, making it feel less cramped. Make sure you know that smaller vanity units best suit smaller faucets for a coherent look.

In case you are setting up a vanity unit with peculiar dimensions, you can choose the custom-built option. Most homeowners prefer vanity unit with perfectly balanced compact proportions that include a reduced depth basin along with practical storage space. Given the wide range of styles, finding one that suits your bathroom theme and layout won’t be difficult. 

For a futuristic and contemporary look, you can find vanities designed in slimline cupboard with a sleek black or dark grey finish. But in case the dull and minimal designs are not your preferred style, suit yourself with vanities that exhibit more sumptuous finishes and quirky characters.

Countertop Wall Hung Vanity Unit for Large Bathrooms 

While wall hung vanity units are primarily known for the illusion of space they incorporate into small bathrooms and cloakrooms, the floating design also elevates the aesthetics of large en-suites and family bathrooms. Even if you have tons of space left out, installing a wall-hung unit will create a more relaxed bathroom setting. 

From large single-sink vanities with hefty cabinets to dual basin units for couples and family bathrooms adding volumes of storage space, countertop vanity units come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. 

Most contemporary-styled vanities feature a combination of large drawers instead of cabinet doors that provide easier access to the stored essentials. What’s more is, countertop wall-mounted vanities come in a variety of options. 

You can find the renowned glossy black and white finishes that favor the futuristic theme or prefer light oak and chestnut exteriors inclined more towards earthy and natural aesthetics. Either way, regardless of the space you are dealing with, wall-hung vanity units offer a functional, versatile, and stylish solution to your bathroom storage needs.

Final Thoughts

After taking all these considerations into account, you should have a good idea of what style and type of countertop wall hung vanity unit will be perfect for your bathroom space. Don’t forget to factor in the budget when making your final decision. There are plenty of great options available at different price points. Once you’ve chosen the perfect unit, enjoy having more storage space and a stylish new focal point in your bathroom.