The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Right Surfboard

If you’ve decided to buy a surfboard, that’s a great decision! The next step is to determine which board is right for you. Whether a beginner or an experienced surfer, brands like sharpeye surfboards Australia have the perfect board. Such boards are also made from the highest quality materials, and they’re designed to last. You will be sure that you’re getting a surfboard that will withstand the test of time. An excellent surfboard is usually made of fibreglass or other solid and lightweight materials. The surfboard has a curved shape that helps it to move through the water more efficiently. It also has a fin on the bottom, which helps to keep it stable while surfing. How do you make the right decision with so many shapes, sizes, and brands to choose from? By the end, you’ll know which board is right for you.

What Types Of Waves Are Best For Surfboards?

Before you can even start shopping for surfboards, you need to ask yourself what type of waves you’ll be riding. They come in three varieties: shortboards, longboards, and hybrids. Each is designed for a specific kind of wave.

Shortboards are designed for small, fast waves. They’re perfect for experienced surfers who want to do tricks and manoeuvres. Longboards are perfect for cruising the waves and catching big air. They’re also great for beginners who want to learn the basics of surfing. Hybrids combine the two, designed for riders who want the best of both worlds. Once you’ve figured out which type of board is best for you, it’s time to start shopping.

Features To Look For In Surfboards

When you’re shopping for a surfboard, there are a few features you’ll want to look for:

  • The correct dimensions for your body and surfing style: Make sure to get a board that’s the right size and shape. A too-big or too-small surfboard won’t work either and will be more challenging to control.
  • The suitable construction for your needs: Different boards are made from different materials, so you’ll need to decide what’s important to you. The best boards are made with fibreglass and carbon fibre, so you can choose the material that best suits your surfing style.
  • The proper design and colour for you: With a range of designs and colours, you can find the one that best represents your unique personality.

Tips And Tricks For Taking Care Of Surfboards

If you invest in a surfboard, you will want to take care of it so it lasts for as long as possible. Here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Rinse your board with fresh water after every session, even if you haven’t surfed for a long time. It will help eliminate salt water and sand that can wear down the board over time.
  • When not using your board, store it in a cool, dry place out of the sun. Excessive heat and sunlight can damage the board and affect its performance.
  • Wax your board regularly to keep it hydrated and protected from the elements. You can buy special surfboard wax, or you can use carnauba wax.


Australia is where the majority of surfboards are imported from. According to recent reports, thirty-nine global customers bought three hundred forty-eight surfboards from Australia in 2022 from twenty-four Australian suppliers. How do you choose the right surfboard brands, like sharpeye surfboards Australia, for you? It can be a little bit challenging. You must think carefully about your surfing ability, style, and the type of waves you’ll be surfing the most. Once you’ve sorted that, look at the guide to the different types of sharp-eye surfboards and find the board most suited to you. 

Author – Kazim Kabir