Struggle With Dry Skin? 8 Tips to Combat It This Winter

While winter signifies the start of many beautiful experiences – such as family gatherings, fresh snow, and new beginnings – it also signifies the start of having to work extra hard to avoid dry skin.

With the colder months come cold and dry air that can be our skin’s worst nightmare. As a result, many of us find ourselves left with itchy, irritated, and dried-out skin that can be quite uncomfortable. But you don’t have to let the winter temperatures wreak havoc on your skin. In fact, you can use a range of top tips and strategies to ensure your skin remains moisturized and happy.

If you have experienced unhappy skin in winter’s past, then now is the time to change it up and protect your skin. After all, your skin is the largest organ in your body and deserves to be pampered and protected.

Check out these top ways to combat dry skin this winter. From installing humidifiers in your home to switching up the type of moisturizer that you use, you can find solutions that work for your skin and your budget.

1. Make Moisturizer Your Friend

One of the most important things to do this winter is lather up with moisturizer during your skincare routine. In fact, anytime that you wash your skin –whether that be your face or your hands—you are going to remove natural oils that keep it hydrated. So get into the habit of immediately slathering your skin up with a moisturizer. Whether it is for your face or your body, getting moisturizer on in a timely manner is essential this winter.

2. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Many people neglect sunscreen out of their skincare routine during the winter months because there really is not that much sun. However, UV lights can still seep through the clouds and impact the health of your skin. In fact, UV rays can really stress your skin out and impact the amount of moisture it has naturally. So applying sunscreen to your skin daily is important, even if you don’t think you’ll see the sun that day.

3. Enjoy Overnight Treatments

The harsher environments that our skin is exposed to in the winter mean that we have to take extra measures to ensure we have healthy skin. One great way to do this is to do overnight treatments on your skin a couple of times a week. This will allow you to apply heavier skin creams onto your skin and allow for more time to really have it soaked in. You will wake up feeling like your skin is both hydrated and happy.

4. Buy a Humidifier

The dry and cold air is one of the main causes of dry skin in the winter. So, buying humidifiers for your home is a great way to ensure that your air will be balanced out with humidity. In fact, there have been numerous studies that have shown having humidifiers in your home not only helps with your skin but overall health as well. The best strategy to get the maximum effect from humidifiers is to have one in every room – especially the bedroom.

5. Be Mindful of the Temperature

While taking a super hot bath or shower is tempting during those cold and crisp winter days, it can equally be quite harmful to your skin. Instead, try to go for lukewarm temperatures so that the natural oils in your skin are not stripped away from the heat. Another great tip to remember too is to lightly pat your skin dry, rather than forcefully rub it dry with a towel.

6. Drink Lots of Water

On top of hydrating your skin through moisturizers and skin creams, you should equally be hydrating your whole body by drinking lots of water. In fact, drinking lots of water is one of the most important things you can do. Not having enough water in your body can dry it out faster and make it more prone to winter weather factors. So drink lots of water, especially in the winter.

7. Avoid Exfoliants

While there is a time and a place to use exfoliants, the winter months are not usually the best. This is because exfoliation removes dead skin cells, but can often remove the good stuff from your skin at the same time. If you are already experiencing dry skin, then take a break from using exfoliants so that your skin can build up its moisture barrier once again.  

8. Wear Soft Fabrics

The type of fabrics you expose your skin to can also make a difference when it comes to the health of your skin during the winter. So choose fabrics that feel good and are kind to your skin.


With winter on its way, these eight tips can help ensure your skin looks and feels great.