3 Steps to Increase Domain Authority of Your Website

Domain authority is a search engine ranking score for measuring the success of the site by search engine results. This helps in predicting success rather than representing success.  Its score ranges from 1 to 100. 100 is the highest score and 1 is the lowest. This will also help in knowing the competitors in your field.

How to Boost Domain Authority?

1)     Start with the basics – The first thing to boost the domain authority is to make sure that the website is properly set up. Some of the tips for this are –

  1. Local SEO strategies – Local SEO strategy makes the business visible in the local area. To increase domain authority, list your online directories. SEO Firm New Jersey is an ineffective and efficient way to do it.
  2. Mobile-friendly – Make sure that the website you use is mobile-friendly. It gives the user a better experience and increases interest in the content.
  3. High speed – The speed of the website also plays a very important role in domain authority. The slow sites have a high bouncing rate. It gives a red flag to google.

2) Create high-quality backlinks – High-quality backlinks are very essential for domain authority. To increase the score, one must have the following –

  1. Great content – The content should be original. The content should be good so that it makes a remarkable impact. Take time to create deep thoughts and use the keywords.
  2. Advertise the content:  The content you create is not enough for the domain authority. Social media helps in giving you a boost. It makes you more valuable and has higher rank possibilities.
  3. Implement a link-building strategy: Good content and social media will help in domain authority. but for link building, you have to contact authoritative sites. Give them an offer to link to you.
  4. Contribute guest posts – High-domain authority websites are a good way to build backlinks. The content you write can be a way to link your website. Publishers look for the content, if you provide them with good content you can earn a backlink to your website.

3) Reduce low-quality backlinks:Google can now crack down on the backlinks after the penguin algorithm in 2012.  The backlinks from not so trusted websites are called low-quality backlinks.  Low-quality links should be excluded. To increase the score of the domain authority, there is a need to secure high-quality links.

The links that come from reputable sites are called quality links. Quality links help us in the attention of the user. This is used for a link-building strategy. These are reliable, trustworthy websites by the searches and search engines. There is no need to worry about spam websites that can unintentionally think of the website.

These websites are trusted by the actual people. There are various tools by which low-quality links can be eliminated. Some of them are Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMRush. This help identifies the backlinks that are harmful to the domain authority.


Domain authority cannot be achieved overnight. We can improve it by trial and error method. Hire Link Building Expert helps in earning high-quality backlinks to the site.

An SEO strategy moves the business forward and receives positive results. For the website’s success, you must dive deeper into the SEO world and follow the various steps for improvements.