How To Create Video Content For Youtube: Tips for Beginners

YouTube is the most visited search platform after its parent company Google. More than 1 billion people are using the platform, which recently increased to 2 billion per month.

This makes it an obvious choice for brands to post their content on.

Also, with the availability of tools like a YouTube editor that make the editing process easy and accessible to many, it’s not surprising that creating videos for YouTube has become a popular trend.

But there are numerous efforts to take care of before starting a channel on YouTube. This comprehensive guide explores tips you can follow to ensure your content reaches the right audience.

Tips for Growing With Video Content

To start a YouTube channel and grow the video content for your brand, you need to follow these tips.

Have a Clear Brand Identity and Target Audience

Have a clear vision of the brand’s identity and the brand voice. Clearly chalk out how you want people to perceive your brand.

You also need to understand the demographic and psychographic values of your audience. This will help you create a buyer persona.

Ensure that you tag this audience with your brand values in your video content and marketing efforts.

Develop a Strong Content Strategy

With a clear vision of your brand’s placement, you will be able to develop your content strategy. Keep your approaches distinct but relevant to topics that create value for your audience.

You can offer different types of videos that are relevant to your audience. These videos can be interesting, Q&A, valuable, and meme-y, but they should also be relatable.

Study Your Competitors

Competitor research is one of the many important steps. You need to see what other successful marketers in your field are doing to understand the responses, likes, and dislikes of your audience.

You can also see what keywords work best with your audience. After conducting a deep research study on their style of content and how they showcase it, try implicating what applies to your channel.

This will yield you utility and boost your channel’s subscription. It will also allow you to take the right steps to be a successful marketer for your channel.

Set up a Brand Account

You need to set up a professional account when using YouTube for marketing purposes. They have features that are not available in personal accounts.

With these accounts, you can upload the content and dive into your audience data analytics.

Follow the basic steps to start a YouTube channel and frame it with your brand’s identity by adding a catchy intro and description.

Create an Identity for Your Brand Visually

Make sure to have a YouTube channel that looks interesting, entertaining, and polished while creating value for your audience.

Sync your channel icon with your brand’s logo, so it is easier for your target audience to identify the real brand. Also, use an eye-catchy icon and banner image that clearly sets your brand’s tone.

Hone Your Editing Skills

For beginners, saving finances and cutting costs as much as possible is very important. But it is equally important to create smooth and polished videos for your brand.

You will need to develop editing skills for this. Some online tools can help you create and edit your YouTube video. Use an online youtube video editor to ensure you sync with the modern-day apps and templates.

Keep Your Channel Sections Catchy and SEO Friendly

In your YouTube channel’s ‘About’ section, fill in the data about your brand compellingly. When your audience hops on this channel page, they should know the nature of the page and what to expect from it.

At this point, It also becomes important to have keywords in your description that helps in optimizing your brand and the video content you’re uploading.

Develop a Keyword Strategy

You will need to have a keyword strategy in place. As a marketer, you will also need to learn how to use the right keywords in a manner of authority to optimize your content for your audience and increase viewership.

It would help if you researched keywords extensively that work for your audience base.

Establish Authority With Contact Details

Start taking major authority-building steps within your audience. Establish your clickable contact description for your pool of viewers to reach out to you.

Make sure that you are an easy brand to find online.

You can include the contact information and email id in the about section of your YouTube channel for your audience to reach out to you.

Optimize Your Video Content

Keyword research and planning will come into play heavily while optimizing your video content.

Keep your titles simple and easy to understand, making them very easy to optimize. An example is “5 Ways to Redo Your Home’s Furniture for A Rustic Vibe”.

Next, add keywords to your description. This will allow your audience to find you with the right searches.

Finally, use tags. YouTube tags help to improve the searchability of your video content.

Maintain Uploading Consistency

There should be a regular pattern for your uploads. You need to make sure that your audience gets the content in a precise way, and they can expect the content in uniform with the last uploads.

You can save the drafts on the online YouTube video editor tool and upload them when necessary.

If you have different content categories, make sure that the subject video goes out on the same days of the week.

Also, don’t overdo the content and leave some space for innovation and unexpected news. The key to uploads is having realistic and flexible goals for your video content.

Keep a Content Calendar

Keeping a content calendar is the best way to stay on top of your upload schedule. There are online tools that allow you to manage a schedule on their portal.

Check out which of these works best for you. Use these platforms to ensure that you have a content calendar of uploads weekly and monthly in advance.

Get Your Account Verified

This is one of the most important steps, as only a verified account can upload more than 15 minutes of content. It also opens the option of creating thumbnails for your brand’s video.

To verify your account, fill in your country and phone number at

Keep an Eye on Stats and Analytics

With the verified YouTube channel, you can keep an eye on the statistics and analytics of your audience’s patterns. You will understand how your audience reacts.

You can find out from the impressions what videos are working and should be continued and what is not working and should be discontinued.

Have Extra Content for a Rainy Day

Finally, have some extra content for your rainy day.

In case something does not work, or there is some change to your everyday content, have a side content that will not lag you behind on your content calendar.


Finally, remember to upload video content on other social platforms to sync with the overall brand’s value. This will help you create and optimize the right content for your YouTube channel.

Mentioned above are some tips that, if you follow as a beginner, will take your YouTube channel to higher viewership. Follow them and begin creating videos now!