Why Should You Put Ads On Ulta Beauty ?

There’s no doubt that Ulta Beauty doesn’t sell as much online as Amazon or Walmart. But that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most important stores for a beauty brand to think about. Ulta is a company that focuses on the in-store experience and is even opening stores inside Target. However, their website lets advertisers use the retail media offered by Criteo. Your customers are here, so you should be too.

Beauty Products Gets A New Look

Shopping for beauty products gets a new look thanks to Ulta Coupon $10 Off $40. It’s not easy to shop for beauty products. There are so many options that it can be hard to decide, and the sales process in stores can be very scary. Buying things online can be hard as well. Many items are sent back because they aren’t exactly what was expected in terms of color, smell, texture, or anything else.

The Largest Beauty Store In Us

The largest beauty store in the United States, Ulta Beauty, is using technology to make shopping for beauty products easier and more fun. It’s coming up with an omnichannel strategy that will make shopping better for customers whether they do it online or in a store. The idea is called connected beauty by ULTA. Diane Randolph, CIO at ULTA Beauty, says, Our idea of connected beauty is really about making sure that we connect with our customers in the same way across all touch points.

Keeping In Touch At All Points Of Contact

Customers can count on Ulta Beauty to give them good advice. It knows everything there is to know about buying beauty products and wants to stay in touch with customers and help them along their journey. The problem is that there are a lot of points of contact. Online, ULTA has a lot of information about their products.
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It Offers Online Beauty Consultations

It offers online beauty consultations, shares video tutorials and trend reports that can be inspiring, and has a social gallery where users can share their own content.  Customers can talk to employees in the store, try out products, and get treatments in the salon. Customers can use ULTA’s mobile app to check how many loyalty points they have, get alerts and offers, and give feedback.

Ulta’s Omnichannel Strategy

With ULTA’s omnichannel strategy and technology, both customers and employees can always access and use the same set of information. From finding out about a product to learning about it, to testing it and buying it, to sharing it on social media and getting feedback, ULTA is making the process easier and simpler and getting a consistent set of data for business reporting.

Ulta Working Towards Its Goals

Technology makes it possible for Ulta Beauty to work towards its goals. Lockie Antonopoulos, IT director of mobility at ULTA Beauty, says, By getting information to our executives and store employees more quickly, they are able to act more quickly.

A Big Part Of Ulta’s Plan

By going mobile, customer service will get better. A big part of Ulta Beauty plan is to use mobile technology. The store has put in place several mobile solutions in the stores that have cut back-office work. So, they can spend more time helping customers, giving advice, and getting to know them better.

Old Handheld Scanners

Old handheld scanners and manual steps were replaced by a new, lightweight mobile inventory app with an easy-to-use interface. Our mobile inventory app is going to help us a lot. Randolph says, We are making it much easier and more streamlined for employees to do their daily inventory management tasks.

The Mobile Inventory App

This will give them more time to serve customers on the floor. When the mobile inventory app and ULTA’s other systems are integrated, associates can see what’s in stock at any time. So, if a customer asks about a certain color of a Ulta Beauty product, the worker can check right away to see if they have it somewhere in the store, if they have it in a nearby store, or when more stock will come in.

Ulta App Boosts Engagement

Ulta Beauty app boosts engagement and brand awareness. Also, a new mobile app called Ulta has made the beauty consultation process in stores completely automated and better. Before, employees would write down the consultation and any recommended products on a paper form, which they would then give to the guest. Now, a mobile device is used for the consultation.

Pull Up Detailed Information

The device lets salespeople pull up detailed information about a product, how-to videos, and reviews and other content made by the public. It’s a very effective tool that makes the session a lot more fun and interesting. There are a few things that our new Ulta Beauty app can do. First, it makes it easier for our employees to give customers makeup advice, and second, they can sign customers up for our rewards program right from the sales floor.

The Whole Guest Experience

Antonopoulos says that this has made the whole guest experience better and easier. The Ulta Beauty app can also be used outside of ULTA. The company goes to more than 1,700 events a year, and customers can sign up for its rewards program through its mobile app. Antonopoulos says, That really helps people know about our brand and be loyal to us outside of our stores.

Cloud Solutions Ensure Rapid Time

Modern cloud solutions are also being used by ULTA to make its plans for rapid growth easier and cheaper. SAP’s cloud solutions have a quick time to value. Randolph says, They are easier to set up and use. The company has 19,000 employees and plans to open 100 stores each year, which will add another 2,000 employees each year.

Managing Talent A Top Priority

So, managing talent has to be a top priority. Key to building the business are training, career growth, and being happy at work. Randolph says, Success Factors has helped us really step up our game when it comes to talent management, which is a key part of Ulta Beauty growth curve. The IT department also has an easier time when business software is set up in a simpler way. Cloud solutions can be set up quickly and with fewer IT resources on the inside.