Frequently Asked Questions About Tissot Timepieces

Like all Swiss watch brands, Tissot was founded in Switzerland; therefore, its quality and precision are majorly guaranteed. In contrast to its Swiss competitors, Tissot generally makes high-quality and inexpensive watches that cost less than INR 50,,000. There is no doubt that Tissot is among the most admired Swiss watch manufacturers.

In 1853, Charles-Felicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile Tissot, established the company in Switzerland. Since 1983, the Swiss Swatch Group has owned Tissot with its other watch brands.

For downhill skiing, Tissot is a famous brand. In 1938, Tissot made its debut as an official timekeeper at a downhill ski event. Since then, the company has served in this capacity at other international championships in professional sports.

Tissot is well-known not just for its watches but also for its cutting-edge innovations in precise timekeeping for specialized events, by means of sensors installed on bicycles and tracks and linked by computer systems to display real-time performance statistics.

Does Tissot Produce High-Quality Timepieces?

Tissot is known for producing high-quality timepieces at reasonable prices. In terms of affordability, Tissot watches for men are unrivaled by any genuine Swiss watchmaker. The combination of Tissot’s efficient manufacture and its membership in the Swatch Group made this feat possible.

Brands like Omega, Longines, and Blancpain are owned by the Swatch Group, a major Swiss multinational. Swatch Group brands reap the benefits of cheap production costs without sacrificing the superb quality of their Swiss-made watches.

Tissot watches for men typically retail for a relatively lower price (between INR 20,000 and INR 1 Lakh), but the brand’s reputation for quality and durability belies its affordable price tag.

  • Tissot watches employ the same movements as watches costing several times as much. 
  • Sapphire Crystal glass is very scratch-resistant and is typically seen in high-end timepieces. Both the front and back of the watch have Sapphire Crystals, giving the wearer the impression of complete security despite occasional accidental bumps.
  • Straps are made of high-quality leather, guaranteeing both comfort and safety. The watch’s deployment clasp has a sharp-looking ‘T,’ and it provides fine timepiece-specific adjustability.

Are All Tissot Timepieces Swiss-Made?

Tissot watches for men are 100% Swiss-produced. However, below are the bare minimums that must be met for a watch to be labeled as “Swiss Made”:

  • The watch’s mechanism must be Swiss-made (or at least 60% of its value produced in Switzerland).
  • The assembly and quality check must take place in Switzerland.

Tissot can keep its prices low while being Swiss-made because it sources its components from outside Switzerland wherever possible. Tissot’s low prices result from the company’s extensive production volume, made possible by its membership in the Swatch Group.

Since its founding in 1853, Tissot has been synonymous with Swiss precision and dependability, qualities that are reflected in the brand’s Swiss Made logo. Over 4 million Tissot watches are exported annually, making it the undisputed market leader in the traditional Swiss watch sector. If a watch is stamped “Swiss Made,” you know it’s of the highest possible quality.

However, it has come to light that not all Tissot watches womens classify as Swiss-made; as a result, it is important to verify with the local distributor whether or not the watch in question is, in fact, Swiss-made.

Is The Watch Brand Tissot Considered A Luxury Brand?

Tissot is not a high-end watchmaker but instead falls in the middle range. You can see the relative strengths of various Swatch Group brands in the company’s portfolio. Tissot sits a notch above budget brands like Swatch and Flik Flak.

Whether automatic, mechanical or quartz, Tissot watches fall within the moderate price range of rupees twenty thousand to one lakh.

While opinions on the status of luxury goods vary, the Swatch Group Portfolio provides a reliable indicator of each brand’s relative position in the market.

How Does Tissot Compare To Seiko?

The wide variety of products and features available from each brand makes it hard to make comparisons.

Tissot watches for men are popular for two reasons: their affordable price and the advanced technology included in their in-house movements, like the Powermatic 80. Seiko, on the other hand, has a reputation for producing high-quality timepieces that appreciate in value with time; the brand’s limited-edition watches, in particular, have garnered a lot of attention, and the resale value of these pieces tends to soar.

Regardless of your preference, both watch brands are an excellent choice for the price. Due to the high level of competition, superior build or movement are of little importance. What matters is that you like look and feel of the watch.


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