Why You Should Never Go to Court Without an Experienced Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Getting compensation for medical malpractice is hard, even when you’ve hired an excellent surgical error attorney. Because there are several elements to prove, someone without a legal background and knowledge of the local Baltimore, MD laws will have a very hard time winning their case. It’s best to hire a medical malpractice attorney who can compile evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, and defend you in court.

Why You Should Never Go to Court Without an Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney

People who have been hurt or injured by a medical professional might be owed compensation for their expenses, their pain and suffering, and their lost income. If you believe your case is clear-cut, you might think that you don’t need to employ a lawyer. But going to court without a good attorney is a big mistake because the medical malpractice and personal injury laws are complex.

Not only do you have to prove that negligence occurred, but you have to find evidence that your injuries were caused by the doctors’ behavior and that you are suffering as a result. Unless you have a solid background in the legal field, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fight for your rights effectively without any help. Your case might get dismissed, or you might receive a lot less money than you need to cover your costs. Check out this site to learn more.

Your Case Might Get Dismissed

The doctors who are responsible for your injury are likely to have their own lawyers, who will try to get your case thrown out. They might argue that your injuries weren’t preventable or that you are suffering as a result of another condition unrelated to the medical error. If you don’t have good legal representation, it’s probable that your case will be dismissed and you won’t receive any compensation.

In fact, around 80% of medical malpractice cases are won by doctors, not plaintiffs. The best way to increase your chances is to hire an excellent lawyer and help them compile as much evidence as possible. If you have medical bills, eyewitness statements, expert witness statements, and medical records that prove you have a long-term injury, you’re much more likely to win your case.

You’ll Receive Much Less Compensation

In Maryland, the average medical malpractice settlement is over $370,000, but you might be owed much more or much less than this, depending on your type of injury. The people who receive the most are usually those who have a lifelong disability, such as brain damage, a disfigurement, or the loss of a limb. Without a lawyer, you’re unlikely to calculate correctly what you’re owed, and you might miss out on a lot of money.

Aside from the economic damages, which include the medical bills, medications, care, loss of work, and adaptations to your home, you might be able to claim money for your non-economic losses. These include the reduction in quality of life and the emotional trauma you’re experiencing. A good attorney can accurately estimate how much you’re entitled to, and they can back up their claims with evidence.

Your Baltimore, MD Surgical Error Attorney Can Negotiate on Your Behalf

Did you know that most medical malpractice cases never even go to trial? It’s usually possible to settle with the defendant’s insurance company. This is a better solution because it allows you to receive your compensation much faster, and there is no chance of your case being dismissed by a judge. A good lawyer will help you to evaluate any settlement offers you receive.

Usually, the first one isn’t suitable because it is the insurance company’s attempt to minimize their losses. The lawyer will negotiate with the insurers to try to achieve a fair settlement for you. If this isn’t possible, the attorney will let you know, and they will advise you to take your case to court.

You’ll Have Support at Every Stage of the Process

A case that goes to court can take many months or even years. Your lawyer will be at your side the whole time, reassuring you and checking that everything goes according to plan. They will start the process by gathering as much evidence and interviewing relevant people to try to find out more about your situation and the reason why negligence occurred.

Then, they will present their arguments to the jury and the judge, making sure that all the evidence against the doctors who injured you is brought to light. If the judge and jury decide that you are owed compensation, they will determine how much. If not, you can either accept the decision or appeal it.

Going to court without an experienced medical malpractice attorney is a bad idea. The defendant is likely to hire the best lawyer they can, so you’ll be at a huge disadvantage, and you might lose your case. Even if you don’t, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the full compensation you’re entitled to. If you’d like to avoid a bad outcome, reach out to a surgical error attorney in Baltimore, MD now.