How to Get Started with Hookah Right Away

Although Hookah or Shisha have been around since time immemorial, the preparation and consumption of these tobacco products in the global market is more of a contemporary lifestyle. There is always something new to learn and implement thanks to the diverse cultural backgrounds of the people who create hookah and participate in the tradition. 

A trip to a shisha club is the perfect way to relax and bond with coworkers, friends, or family after a stressful day or before a fun evening out. Also, having a business meeting at a shisha bar is a terrific way to unwind and also forge a business association. The best part about hookah is that it’s an enjoyable reward for anyone who’s worked hard all day and is ready to relax after the workday. However, even if you are a novice in planning events, you can still have a successful shisha party by reading the information provided in this blog.

Initiating your First Hookah Session: 5 Steps

We have compiled this list of some typical blunders people make in their very first hookah session.

  1. After a short while, the tobacco takes on a bitter, burnt flavor

Many novice smokers fail to get the ideal head structure by using either too little or too much tobacco. For the best experience with your chosen tobacco, look up some how-to guides on making a bowl. If you want to heat your head slowly, put the charcoal around the outside first. Before lighting up, make sure the embers are fully aglow. Keep the tobacco from getting too dry. Adding a bit of molasses to it is generally all that is needed to make it workable.

  1. Inadequate smoke formation or barely perceptible “bubbling”

First, you should ensure the shisha has a tight seal and doesn’t let in ambient air. To do so, take out the bowl, press the head adapter shut with your fingers, and draw on the hose. If the water in the glass is low and the bubbles are barely visible, you may need to add more. The recommended depth for the dip tube is 1.5 to 2.0 centimeters.

  1. Allow the hoses to dangle after usage

After a session on the chilled pipe, the hose is typically washed and dried incorrectly before repackaging. Stockings should be hung up so they don’t absorb flavors and skew future tastings.

  1. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule

Your hookah will last much longer if you clean and decalcify it often; the more you take care of it, the “older” it will appear. The Accessories section has everything you need to clean your home. The threads should be greased periodically to avoid calcification. To prevent poisonous odors and an off-putting flavor, use only fats suitable for human consumption instead of creepy fats like WD40.

     5. Tips for Keeping Your Hookah Room Cool

Since too much carbon monoxide can build up in a closed space if the smoker does not provide adequate ventilation, it is essential to open windows and doors often while using a hookah in such a setting. Extreme fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and headaches are possible outcomes of this condition, and it has the potential to be lethal in the worst-case scenario.

Now that you have these five guidelines, you are ready to begin your smoking session. Feel free to contact our knowledgeable support staff anytime if you have any more inquiries. We’re excited to be of assistance.

Tips to Plan the Shisha party

It’s the Experience, Not the Night, That Needs to Be Planned

It will be essential to begin by figuring out how hookah can contribute to the event’s success. Your party will either be held at a Hookah bar or lounge where guests may choose from various hookah flavors and styles, or hookah will be the primary focus of the evening. If hookah is more of a novelty at the event and guests aren’t likely to be regular smokers, sticking to traditional flavors for the shisha night is a great way to introduce them to this cultural practice. Jam flavors, including blueberry, watermelon, mint, lemon, and strawberry, are safe bets.

However, when hookah is meant to be the main attraction, a full-scale menu and carefully combining flavors to create a unique blend will give you an edge in making the evening memorable.

If you want to take your party to the next level, try using real fruit heads instead of clay bowls. Use juicy fruits like grapefruits, watermelons, and pineapples to impress your guests. Shisha delivery Dubai or Shisha Online Dubai, has already worked hard for you to mix ideas. Try something new from our extensive collection of hookah flavors and spice up your next shisha session.

Be a Pro Organizer

Once you’ve established how hookah will function throughout the evening and what flavors you’ll offer, you can begin arranging your items. There should be a maximum of three or four people per hookah, and the number of hookah pipes should be divided by the number of guests. Please accept this brief advice from us: always have a hookah on hand when things settle down. Indulge in a satisfying puff of your hard work. To ensure that your party is fun and clean, we include quick-lighting charcoal, a clay bowl, and spare hookah tips and pipes. In addition to these tools, we recommend always using disposable hoses.

A Theme Is Essential For Any Event

A great shisha party, like any great party, requires a theme. Generally, it’s a good idea to sip water or another non-alcoholic beverage while smoking, and a party provides the perfect setting for this. 


Always remember that a good hookah produces dense smoke, has a pleasing aroma, and maintains the full flavor of the tobacco. Do you have a headache, a cough, or bitterness? Simply treat yourself to a brand new hookah or step away for a while; either option is an excellent answer. Remember to stay hydrated, take care of your health, and watch out for potential dangers, but remember that although smoking a hookah may appear glamorous and exotic to some, it is just as addictive as smoking cigarettes, and it may even be more deadly.