7 Best HP Laptop You Can Buy Under 40000

In the present day and age, we are massively dependent on laptops and PCs for almost everything, from professional work to education and entertainment.

And as these laptops play an important role, advances in the latest innovation and technology have further improved the laptops with added features and functionalities.

This article discusses the best 7 HP laptop price and how to buy the best HP laptop under 40000 for yourself and your loved ones this season.

Laptops contribute to a significant section of our everyday life. They are convenient for multitasking, calling, professional work, and entertainment.

Recently, the HP laptop under 40000 is the HP 15 laptop, which comes in attractive designs and is designed to enhance your productivity throughout the day. Learn more about the best HP laptop price and how to purchase the following laptop at No Cost EMI during this season.

HP 15 Laptop

Step a notch higher to gain a better work and gaming experience with the HP 15s-fr2514TU Intel Core i3 11th Generation Laptop. Having a powerful Intel Core i3 processor, that provides quicker instructions to the computer to complete multiple tasks at hand.

To enhance your gaming experience, the Intel UHD Graphics serves as a perfect platform to elevate your gaming playtime with better graphics and less lag time. You can play games or high-definition movies, pictures, and music.

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Store it all without jostling for space. The speakers give a crisp sound effect. So whether playing a game, watching a movie, or listening to a song, never miss a beat or an action effect.

HP 14 11th Gen Intel Core i5 Laptop

The HP 14 11th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor Laptop is among the most budget-friendly HP i5 laptop prices. This innovative laptop has been powered by the 11th generation Intel i5 processor, which prevents the laptop from slowing down even after long hours of multitasking.

The spacious 512GB storage is perfect for storing all your important documents. Moreover, the HP 14 11th Gen Intel Core i5 has an expansive battery life that lasts all day long. Weighing under 1.5 kg, this laptop has a sturdy, durable build and is extremely convenient for outdoor and indoor use.

HP Envy x360

HP is one of the most popular brands specialising in student-friendly laptops. The Envy series claims its fame as a futuristic ultrabook with the seamless transformation between laptop and tablet.

Other than a powerful Ryzen 45000 CPU, it has a powerful battery and long battery life, and is a good deal for its affordable HP laptop price.

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HP Envy 13

HP Envy 13 follows the trademarked features of the Envy series. In addition, it offers faster performance with its 16GB RAM. As the best HP laptop under 40000, it is one of the most reasonably priced laptops for students, along with a cool, convenient design and display.

HP Chromebook 14s

Buy HP Chromebook 14s Notebook Laptop for your everyday use that comes with decent configurations and attractive looks. The powerful processor along with Windows 11 operating system helps you in performing your tasks with much ease thus giving you a clutter-free user experience.

The laptop comes with a powerful 64GB SSD storage capacity and efficient 4GB RAM that enables you to store all your important data like photos, videos, documents, games, and more without any space restrictions and enjoys smooth operation.

Equipped with the Intel Celeron N4500 processor, this laptop from HP will take your productivity to the next level ensuring that the speed of your work never slows down.

HP Pavilion 14 11th Gen Intel Core i5 Laptop

The HP Pavilion is among the most popular ranges of laptops in India available at an attractive HP laptop price. The HP Pavilion 14 11th Gen Intel Core i5 laptop has been designed with the latest HP technology, and the Core i5 processor supports a virtually lag-free experience.

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This 8GB RAM laptop with 512 GBs of internal storage delivers the smoothest performance along the way. You can multitask, play games, and increase your productivity with the HP Pavilion 14 11th Gen Intel Core i5, available in a stunning, futuristic design and at affordable prices.

HP 15s Laptop

Hewlett Packard went through a rough patch earlier in 2021, when their devices couldn’t compete with new brands using better technology but made a strong comeback with the HP 15s.

This laptop combines a Ryzen 3 processor, 8GB RAM, and AMD’s proprietary Vega 5 iGPU for a sweet deal of an HP laptop under 40000.

If you are planning to buy at the latest HP laptop price but are worried about exceeding your budget, you can buy them in EMI, and the Bajaj Mall will be your desired destination.

You can easily avail the No-Cost EMI and zero down payment using the Bajaj Insta EMI Card for the laptop under 40000 of your choice during this season. You can choose a repayment term between three to twenty-four months apart from owning a pre-approved card limit of 4 lakhs.