Lost Ark Powerpass: How to acquire it, use it, and rewards


Lost Ark, the top-down 2.5D fantasy massively multiplayer online action role-playing game, developed in collaboration with Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG, has been out since late 2019. And since then, it has continued to capture the hearts of many thousands of gamers all around the globe.

The Lost Ark introduces us to many exciting and fresh features and options. One of these is the customization of the characters that are playable in the game, and much more.

These “much more” options include unlocking new and fresh mysteries. There are also battles and raids you can take part in, allowing the character you have chosen to unleash the beast within. Plus, you have the option of acquiring Mounts like Unicorn and Motorcycle. 

But that process can and is tedious. And that is where this post comes into play. We have put together the process through which you can acquire a Powerpass and ultimately, get your levels to upgrade much more quickly, and also see your scores soar to a higher and more attractive level.

We understand that up-leveling your alternate character one by one can get quite stressful and arduous. But with the Powerpass option, you can just select your alternate character and simply boost their levels up, just like that.

And this post will guide you through that exact process. So without further ado, let’s dive straight in!

What exactly is the Powerpass?

For those of you who are not familiar with the game, in Lost Ark, you can have up to 18 characters in your roster. And the magic of a Powerpass is that you can instantly have two of the alternate characters in the gameplay.

Here is what a Powerpass also does for us. It allows us as players to quickly and rapidly pass through level 10 to level 50 using a quest named “Adventure’s Path.” And if you are for those players who would like to upgrade and upskill their alternate characters but still do not want to go through the same areas and cutscenes because for some reason, then what you need is a Powerpass. 

However, there is one thing you need to realize before you jump the gun and get after a Powerpass. It is not something that will allow you to simply bypass the levels. What you will get with this is a means to upgrade and uplevel quickly and rapidly, consuming less of your time.

What happens is that you get to play through a summarized or shortened version of Lost Ark, and Beatrice acts as the narrator all this while. When your character is forgotten, their memory comes back. And the fact that it is “your character” means inevitably means that you will need to get a new set of gears and skills at key points and a lot more.

Acquiring Powerpass in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you, and every player, can have two Powerpass. Now, getting the first Powerpass is not going to prove to be that easy. However, it still is a simple procedure. The second Powerpass, on the other hand, is going to be both effortless and uncomplicated to acquire.

For the first Powerpass, you need to finish Ealyn’s quests in Vern Castle. At around level 50, you lay your hands on Ealyn’s Gift Quest Chain. Then finish the North Vern mission and your Powerpass will be delivered to you via email.

After you have used your first Powerpass, you get the second one also via email. This will be your last Powepass as each player only has access to two cards.

Using the Powerpass

Just follow the simple steps given below to start using your Powerpass.

  • Choose which character you want to upgrade.
  • Click that button that is at the bottom of the screen.
  • Apply the Powerpass.
  • Now you have to complete the Adventurer’s Path quest with that character.
  • After you’ve done that, you will have every gear you need to fight the Endgame fight in the game.


After you get your Powerpass, you will be able to unlock some valuable items too. You will be able to get items with a 960 level. And all their upgrades and gears will get you through the Endgame fight.

And that is how you acquire and use Powerpass in Lost Ark. Have fun out there!