Why Is An ESA Letter Important?

A certified mental health professional’s signature appears on an official emotional support animal letter. Other medical specialists, including a general practitioner or a psychiatrist, who are familiar with a patient’s illness or impairment may also recommend an ESA letter. An ESA Animal Registration letter resembles a prescription in many ways. When it comes to managing one’s mental health, it suggests including the usage of an emotional support animal in the treatment plan.

ESA Letter

It indicates that the mental health expert thinks their client can profit from the therapeutic connection and emotional solace that an emotional support animal can offer. People with mental illnesses or emotional disorders like anxiety, depression, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and other mental diseases frequently Get ESA letter prescriptions.

How To Obtain An ESA Letter For Housing?

You are entitled to certain home protections under Federal law if you have the proper papers and an emotional support animal (ESA). The Department of Housing’s rules and the Fair Housing Act protect ESA owners from unjustly being treated differently because they require an emotional support animal. Landlords may request “reasonable supporting paperwork” or Landlord Emotional Support Animal Letter from a qualified healthcare expert to substantiate the claim that an animal is an actual ESA.

An ESA Housing Letter offers the owner of an emotional support animal several advantages:

  • It enables the animal to reside in houses, condos, and apartments that forbid pets.
  • The owner of an ESA is exempt from paying pet deposits and fees
  • The landlord cannot refuse an ESA because it is a particular breed or size.

What Does An ESA Letter For Housing Contain?

Basic details that should include in an ESA letter for housing online or offline include the following:

  • Name of the tenant.
  • The name, residential address, and license number of the medical professional.
  • The kind of emotional support animal the renter needs (i.e., cat, dog, bird, hamster, etc.).

An ESA letter must formally attest to the tenant’s need for an emotional support animal, and it should state the following in the letter:

  • The renter has at least one handicap that significantly restricts one essential living activity (conditions that qualify include mental health impairments like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and phobias).
  • The tenant needs a service animal to help with the symptoms or consequences of their ailment.

The licensed healthcare professional’s signature and date must also appear on an ESA letter. An ESA letter can be printed or be available digitally as a PDF. It is unnecessary to provide a physical hardcopy, and many therapists, particularly those who practice online, will send out letters digitally.

Are There Any Special Requirements For A “Unique” ESA?

According to HUD, small domestic animals “often kept in the house for pleasure rather than for commercial purpose” can qualify as emotional support animals. Commonly kept as pets in homes as ESAs are dogs, cats, small birds, rabbits, hamsters, fish, and other small animals.

More “strange” animals like goats or giant snakes can qualify as emotional support animals. Still, they must meet stricter paperwork requirements than more common ESAs. Unique animals require that ESA housing letters include more information than a conventional ESA housing letter, including a justification for the tenant’s need for the particular animal.

How To Renew The ESA Letter For Housing?

You can speak with the medical expert who drafted your first letter or renew your ESA letter online. Use these steps to restore your ESA letter online.

  • Fill out the questionnaire for the ESA renewal.
  • Await the outcome of your healthcare provider’s review of your questionnaire. If you have any queries, you can contact them.
  • Get your most recent ESA letter by email or USPS mail.
  • Send your new ESA letter to the housing authority or your landlord.


The ESA Certificate intends to make obtaining an ESA letter easier. ESA Certificate answers all of its clients’ questions. We enjoy educating our clients on the regulations governing ESAs so they can guard against the erroneous and deceptive information about ESAs that is available online.