India’s medical tourism industry: why are people attracted to it?

In the past decade or so, India has risen to the top of the list of popular medical tourism destinations. India is one of the top three countries for medical travel worldwide. Medical travel or medical tourism is the process of considering seeking medical treatment outside of one’s own country. India is gaining popularity in the medical tourism industry because to its highly trained medical staff, sophisticated infrastructure compared to other industrialized countries, economical treatments, individualized care, ease of accessibility, and usage of traditional medicinal methods like Ayurveda and Yoga. India has become a pioneer in medical tourism because of advancements in information and communication technologies.

The best hospitals for international patients seeking medical care in India are already widely recognized hospitals in major cities. The bulk of these hospitals have state-of-the-art facilities that are on par with those in the vast majority of developed nations globally. The Indian government has been working really hard to encourage medical tourism to India. One of the most successful ways is to offer quick, easy, and special visas to any foreign traveller desiring to visit India for medical reasons.

In India, the medical tourism industry is growing

India is the #1 destination for medical tourists because of the combination of high-notch medical treatment offered at a very reasonable cost and the opportunity to travel to the most picturesque places. Most patients do not select a place that offers an all-inclusive bundle of the best care, no language barriers, straightforward communication, and living and travelling at cheap pricing. India leads the global medical tourism industry because it ideally combines all of these elements.

In order to obtain the greatest medical treatment, to rejuvenate, and to recharge, tourists from all over the world now prefer medical tourism in India over other locations. Alternative medicine and wellness and rejuvenation packages are among the greatest medical treatments offered in India. Some of the best medical operations offered in India include those for Orthopaedics, weight reduction, the spine, cancer, bariatric or weight-loss procedures, cosmology, Gynaecology, neurology, Leukaemia, etc.

A few reasons why medical tourism is a good idea in India

For a diverse range of reasons, people from all over the world like to travel to India for medical treatment.

Health care that is of high quality is readily available

When obtaining treatment in India in the past, a patient could have been hesitant to accept therapy. But during the last two decades, India has become the world’s top healthcare provider. The Indian government has put a lot of effort into ensuring the finest caliber of medical care. As a national certifying organisation, it has created the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH). This organisation guarantees the strictest international certification and accreditation standards.

It demonstrates that all medical facilities adhere to the highest standards and are on par with those seen in other industrialized countries. NABH certification is now held by more than 500 hospitals in India. About 36 hospitals have received accreditation from Joint Commission International, a US certifying organisation. JCI-accredited hospitals adhere to the same stringent standards as hospitals in the US. India has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Therefore, patients who choose medical tourism may be sure they will get the best care at a reasonable price in India.

Spending less money

The mainstay of medical tourism is the financial factor. The main problem is getting inexpensive healthcare. India offers less priced medical care for a certain ailment when compared to other industrialized countries. Patients may pay between 30% and 80% less in India than in a developed western country to obtain the same therapy, according to estimates. The cost of the surgery, hospital fees, travel expenses, pharmaceutical expenses, and hotel expenses are all affordable for medical travelers. The cost of medical treatment may differ significantly depending on the patient and whether they are having a surgery that their insurance company does not cover.

In this case, there is no language barrier

One of India’s official languages is English. In the whole nation, English is the language of choice for oral communication. Medical tourists would have no trouble communicating because hospitals in India routinely employ English. Numerous translators and interpreters offer their services as an alternative. Since they have all received medical attention, the bulk of them are familiar with medical terminology. It makes getting medical treatment for people easier.

There should be no waiting period or at least one day

In the majority of critical medical conditions, the patient has no choice but to immediately begin therapy. International patients who have made the decision to receive medical treatment in India are given prompt access to the required medical services. They are listed as one of the top priorities. There are frequently no waiting times for medical treatments in India. Waiting periods in the West are weeks or months longer than they are in India. It’s preferable to complete procedures as soon as possible to avoid complications and health issues in the future. Many individuals choose for India in order to have the procedures performed more swiftly rather than waiting for treatment in their home nations.

The ease of travelling

The fundamental objective of medical tourism is to receive excellent healthcare at affordable costs. It might also provide someone the opportunity to go to another country. Not all patients seeking medical care in India are in grave danger or are confined to beds; some come for dental work, cosmetic surgery, etc. Additionally, they may explore the country and experience India’s natural beauty, culture, and way of life. One of the main advantages of going to India for medical treatment, aside from obtaining medical attention, is the chance to have a family vacation and see this interesting country.

Any time of year is great for a trip to India. Major cities are home to the majority of India’s renowned hospitals. And almost all foreign cities have good aviation connections to all of these big cities. Any medical traveler may also afford the cost of the ticket to India. The prerequisites for medical visas have been streamlined to ensure hassle-free admission for all patients and their companions. The medical visa necessitates multiple entries and protracted stays.

Shinon Global is the world’s leading provider of medical tourism in India

The medical tourism sector in India has experienced substantial growth. In the past, foreigners who travelled to India for medical tourism would only come for treatment. But now, circumstances have changed. Nowadays, medical tourists seek to benefit from a whole package that includes top-notch treatment, practical travel, reasonable costs, straightforward communication, and trips to visit the country. India is renowned for offering affordable, high-quality healthcare. When planning to fly to India for medical treatment, use Shinon Global as your best travel agent. Patients can utilize this platform to have a video and audio consultation with the doctor before they come to India.