Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga Basics

Many people wonder why anyone would want to do yoga on a wobbly surface like a stand up paddle board – after all, it’s hard enough to hold those poses on solid ground! However, there are actually quite a few benefits to doing yoga on a paddle board.

Have you ever attempted to do yoga on a paddleboard? You might think it’s harder than it looks, but it’s actually quite a fun and unique experience that offers opportunities that you wouldn’t get from practicing yoga on land. SUP yoga is a great way to connect with nature and revitalize your yoga practice.

In this blog post, we explore:

Why we do yoga:- People often do SUP yoga for the many benefits it provides, such as having fun, experiencing nature, and practicing mindfulness.

Gear for yoga:- As you begin to gear up for your SUP yoga adventure, you’ll need to make sure you have all the essentials on hand. These include items such as a board, paddle, leash and PFD. You may also want to consider bringing an best paddle board for yoga along with you as well.

Tips and Poses for SUP Yoga: 

There are some easy poses that you can try on a paddle board. Here are some recommendations to get you begun:

  1. If you’re feeling unsteady, try placing your paddle horizontally in front of you for added stability.
  2. Always test your grip on the paddle and the board before getting into position.
  3. If you need to, take small steps to get into position.
  4. Try to keep your gaze up and your back straight while maintaining good posture.

While having some experience with either SUP or yoga can be helpful, it’s not necessary to be an expert in order to give SUP yoga a try. A great way to experience it for the first time is by taking a SUP yoga class with someone who is already knowledgeable about the activity.

Why Do SUP Yoga?

Although stand up paddle boarding and yoga may seem like an unlikely combination, there are actually many reasons why people enjoy doing yoga on the water! In addition to being a fun activity to do with friends or enjoying some peaceful alone time on the water, here are a few more benefits of SUP yoga:

-You get a great workout

-You’re able to focus on your breath and relax

-You bring to participate in nature in a remarkable way

Gear for SUP Yoga

There are some essential items you’ll need for a day of paddling, which include: You can also follow My Kayak Guide, a popular kayaking blog and read more about SUP and paddle boards. 

SUP Boards- For those who are new to the concept, SUP yoga is yoga performed on a Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), which is basically a large surfboard. There are a few boards on the market that are made specifically for SUP yoga, but any wide and stable board with a flat surface will work just fine. The great thing about SUP yoga is that it can be done in any body of water – from a lake to the ocean – so you can really find a beautiful setting to practice in.

Paddle- Any SUP paddle will work just fine, as long as it’s the right size for you. When you’re doing yoga on your board, set the paddle down next to the nose of your board, perpendicular to it.