Importance Of Trees and How to Plant Them

Plants are the main source of supplying oxygen to the environment. We as human beings need oxygen to breathe and not only us all animals are living on oxygen. Trees, on the other hand, take carbon dioxide in process of photosynthesis and it helps to purify the environment it releases oxygen throughout this photosynthesis process and during the night time it takes oxygen in and that’s why it is advised not to keep plants inside the house during night time.  

Why they are useful?

Apart from these plants are very important in our day-to-day life as it gives us shelter, and food, make furniture and also firewood in developing countries. Plants such as coconut and, palms are very useful in sheltering houses as well. 

In countries such as Sri Lanka, India, and many other similar countries most of the houses in the villages and undeveloped areas are sheltered with coconut leaves, it is a very cheap method when compared to the other ways and means of sheltering. 

Also, in countries or areas where palms are grown palm leaves are used for sheltering and also to make fences to separate the ownership of their lands. not only in shelters but also in building houses trees are the main requirement in making floors, windows, and doors and to use in various constructions. 

Image Source: Pexels

So many advantages

Making furniture is another main advantage that we get from trees like teak, Jack, and coconut as well. Furniture made out of wood with wood carvings has a bigger and better market in countries rather than artificially made items. In some countries, some wood is prohibited from exporting as it has a very big market value. 

The most important advantage of plants and trees is the food that it gives, and mostly the vegetable protein it gives helps humans to avoid killing animals for food to a certain extent. In countries like Sri Lanka rice is the main source of food items taken by almost all the people and tea rubber and coconut are the main export items that give them foreign exchange. 

Plants have had a very important place in Ayurveda medicine in countries where Ayurveda medicine is considered a very valuable way of healing in cases like broken bones and aches and pains in mussels. Therefore, we must try our best to protect the environment with plants and trees because plants play a major role in all our lives. 

You can get help from others

When planting trees to help mother nature attention should be given to the area as some plants may grow well in some areas but not in others. If this is on a larger scale and you feel like you cannot do this on your own, you can of course take the help of other people as well. 

It could be your family, friends, and even strangers walking down the road. You can even hire appliances necessary for this purpose. In fact, plant hire solutions are quite popular nowadays.

Taking care is our responsibility

Plants are important which is why it is important to plant them! Taking the help necessary from others around you can help you do this on a larger scale. It is our duty to protect the environment in which we live.