Most effective green packaging materials to help your business fuel its growth

The increasing pollution level and its detrimental effect on the environment are currently the biggest concern for businesses, governments, and people alike. New methods, materials, and approaches are being used to subdue the problem. One such initiative that is proving to be a silver bullet for pollution being caused by packaging is green packaging

Green packaging is certainly having its moment in the spotlight and not only MNCs and enterprises but even startups and medium-sized businesses are using green packaging with alacrity. Even customers are eager to purchase from those companies who are using eco-friendly packaging methods and thus, the use of green packaging is not only beneficial from the environmental point of view but even from a profit and reputation point of view for businesses as well. 

With the proliferation of green packaging methods, new materials have surfaced in the market and they are being brought into use to make green packaging more effective, cheaper, and less deadly for the environment. So, let’s look at the different materials that are currently being used for green packaging by different eco friendly packaging companies India

Compostable packaging 

The most common choice of material for green packaging is compostable packaging. The term compostable refers to all kinds of natural material that easily decomposes back into the earth without leaving any kind of noxious effect on the environment. Some common compostable materials that are currently being used by eco friendly packaging companies in India are-

  • Bamboo
  • Corn
  • Sugar Cane

For a material to be called compostable, it should break down in home compost within 180 days and in the case of commercial compost, it should break down within 90 days. There are many stores and brands out there that have completely flocked from traditional packaging to compostable packaging materials. 

Cornstarch packaging 

As the name suggests, this packaging methods use cornstarch. All the cornstarch is garnered from renewable sources and they contain even a drop of toxic material, making it sustainable and biodegradable. It is the most reliable material for green packaging that is being used on a very large scale.

Apart from being used for normal packaging, cornstarch is also used for packing peanuts, which is a great replacement for styrofoam and bubble wraps. 

Mushroom packaging 

Styrofoam is the bigger enemy of nature and therefore, several nature-friendly alternatives to this noxious packaging material have surfaced in the market. One such material that has become quite popular in a short span of time is mushrooms. This packaging is made from mycelium. It is a kind of fungus found in specific types of mushrooms. 

The packets made from mushrooms are strong and sturdy and they can keep the products in the package safe and in place.  There are many companies that are not only using but even promoting mushroom packaging as they claim it to be lightweight and durable in comparison to other items. 

Kraft paper 

Another popular choice for companies turning to green packaging and eco-friendly paper adhesive tape is kraft paper. These papers are made from wood pulp. Unlike other traditional papers, kraft paper is crafted from different types of wood including resinous pine, which is mostly left behind while making the traditional paper. 

Every single drop and type of chemical used in making kraft paper can always be reused and therefore, it is more sustainable than all the other kinds of paper you know. These papers are even durable and can be used for even some heavy products. Also, customizing these papers as per your brand log, color and theme are quite easy. 

Corrugated packaging 

These are box fibers obtained from old corrugated containers and trees. According to the data published by, corrugated packaging can be reused up to 10 times for making new packaging materials, making it more eco-friendly and cheaper for even small and medium-sized businesses. 

If you have recently ordered a product online and you have received eco-friendly packets, there are maximum chances that they have been made from corrugated containers since online retailers are more inclined towards these packaging methods. 

Green cell foam 

It is a type of bio-based foam that is made specifically from corn grown in the US only. The best part about this green packaging material is you can dispose of them just by dipping them into normal water. You can also decompose the material at home if you like. 

They simply function like foam and therefore, it becomes an ideal choice for all those brands that need a little bit of cushioning of their product after being put in a box. 

There are several choices when it comes to the material used for green packaging. Every packaging material serves its own purpose and has its own advantage, and you can make the most of these materials by switching to a green packaging company that deals in several kinds of green packaging options like eco-friendly bubble wraps,  paper adhesive tape, and much more.