How to Buy Football? What Brand of Football is Good?

How to buy a football: choose a trustworthy brand, choose by looking at the material of the football, looking at the craftsmanship, and checking the details JD Sports Discount Code NHS. Please see the specific selection method below:

The easiest way to choose a trusted brand

Large brands all require regular factories to produce OEM, and the quality requirements are relatively strict. The balls produced by the regular factory will have the factory name, trademark, factory address and other information printed on the ball or on the packaging.

These enterprises have standardized production, strict management, and focus on craftsmanship and product quality, and their products are relatively stable and reliable.

Material for watching football

  1. The outer layer of the general football is made of PU or PVC. The difference between the two different materials is as follows:

PU leather: environmentally friendly, soft to the touch, high elasticity, wear-resistant, cold-resistant, with excellent practical functions such as waterproof, anti-fouling, and anti-spray on the surface, suitable for indoor and outdoor.

  1. PVC leather: not environmentally friendly, hard to the touch, wear-resistant, folding resistance, acid and alkali resistance, etc. However, due to its poor air permeability and moisture absorption, it is suitable for outdoor use.

Friends who pursue high quality prefer PU leather footballs. How to distinguish two different materials? The following identification methods are now provided:

the easier way to distinguish PU and PVC is that, from the corners, the base fabric of PU is much thicker than that of PVC; in addition, there are also differences in hand feel, PU has a softer hand; PVC has a softer hand.

Harder; there is the feeling of wrinkles on the surface after PU is pressed, while PVC is relatively smooth and smooth; the last extreme method can be burned with fire, the taste of PU is much lighter than that of PVC.

See Craft

Generally, footballs have split and sewing. The footballs bought on the market are basically sewn, while the hand-sewn footballs are high-quality footballs and are not easy to buy.

So what is the difference between hand sewing and sewing The hand-sewn ball is a high-grade ball, each piece and every needle is made by hand, with multi-layer high-strength lining reinforcement, thick thread, large pinhole, and the ball is strong and resistant to kicking.

Inspection of details

Check the elasticity of the football: first fill the ball with proper air pressure, then hold the ball up so that the bottom of the ball is at a height of 1.8m, let go and let it fall to the ground freely, and watch the elasticity of the ball, a good ball elasticity is between 1.2m and 1.4m between m. Bad quality balls bounce high or low.

Check the circumference value of the football

The size of the circumference of various balls is stipulated in the standard, and the circumference value of the football should be 675-710 mm. A ball with an unqualified circumference value is not easy to control, and its motion trajectory will deviate too much.

The inspection method is to put the ball on the flat ground and roll it forward, observe its movement trajectory, and compare the rolling route of the ball that meets the standard, while the rolling route of the ball that does not meet the standard will deviate a lot from the straight trajectory.

Or another inspection method is to let the ball do free fall several times and observe whether it is vertical when it bounces. If the deviation is too large, it is a ball that does not meet the standard.

Check ball tightness

All kinds of balls should focus on checking the air tightness, and the balls should be free of air leakage and slow air leakage. The commonly used inspection method is to inflate the sphere to a certain pressure and then drip it on the air nozzle with clean water. If there are small bubbles, it means that the sphere is leaking.

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Football drawing tutorial. How to draw a football, how to draw a football? simple strokes

Pencils, erasers, compasses (or other items that can draw circles JD Sports Discount Code NHS)


  • Draw a circle.
  • Draw a pentagon in the middle.
  • Draw five line segments corresponding to the sides of the pentagon, as shown below.

Top 5 Tips for Teaching Football Rookies to Pick Football

For many friends who like football, playing football is a common thing, but they rarely buy football, because they usually come to the stadium with football shoes and play wild ball with everyone.

So how to choose football, the experience is not very rich . Here are some tips for choosing football. Check out 90s fashion men’s

First of all, it is best to buy a regular brand of football, the quality and workmanship are guaranteed, and the appearance will be very good.

Material: In short, the football material is divided into PU and PVC. PU leather feels better and softer, but it is not prohibited. It is suitable for friends with high requirements and good venue environment JD Sports Discount Code NHS.

Compared with the PU football, the PVC leather football is harder and more wear-resistant, but the foot feel is not as good as that of the PU.

It is suitable for friends who usually play football and the venue environment is not very good. In the identification of the two types of cortex, from the corners, the base fabric of PU is much thicker than that of PVC.

In addition, there are differences in hand feel, PU feels softer, and PVC feels harder.

Size: This is not much to say, most of them play outdoor football, outdoor football is a size 5 ball, if you play indoor football, buy a size 4 ball.Sports Direct Discount Code NHS

Sewing: This is mainly to see if the stitches are denser. Let’s not pursue high-end hand-sewn balls. There are basically no, and they are also relatively expensive.

This is mainly to see if the stitches are denser. Let’s not pursue high-end hand-sewn balls. There are basically no, and they are also relatively expensive.


When you choose a football, be sure to play a lot to check the airtightness of the ball, whether it runs out of gas, whether it is a regular circle, and whether there is any damage. How do you feel, drop the ball freely from a height of 1.5m to see its elasticity, if you can talk about 1m, it would be ideal. 

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