Top 5 Measures that Must be Taken to Protect Consumer Data

Those businesses that gather consumer data are highly targeted by cyber attackers. Especially the small-scale businesses, or those who have just started. Cyber-attacks and theft happen all due to the lack of security. Small-scale businesses usually do not have the proper security infrastructure to store consumer data.

However, it does not mean that large-scale businesses are not victims of cyber-attacks and data thefts. Whenever hackers find any breach in network security, they definitely try to attack and steal data and utilize it for their own agendas.

Let’s have a look at a few tips by using which you can protect consumer data. All you need to do is to stay vigilant while reading in order to grasp all the useful insights that are available here only for your benefit.

1.    Designate a specific team to manage your data

It is important to hire specific professionals to run any specific task smoothly. For instance, to have a page on Wikipedia, a Wikipedia consultant is required. Similarly, to protect your consumer data is to have a dedicated team of data scientists, and engineers.

A team that consists of intellectual minds, who are aware of the tactics that can be efficiently used to protect against theft. You have to hire data engineers and data scientists who can play their roles to protect consumer data and manage security breaches if they occur.

2.    Minimize non-essential data access

Keep the data protected. Do you know that by providing access to the company’s data to a large number of people in your company, you are creating more entry points for hackers?

Try to limit access to data. Not everyone requires access to everything. Build a hierarchy from the junior level to the higher managerial level. Then provide them limited access as per their need.

3.    Don’t collect more data than you need.

To avoid security issues related to consumer data theft it is important to not collect such data that is irrelevant and unnecessary for you. If you have less information then there will be less chance that your data will get stolen.

4.    Use a secure Wi-Fi network or VPN.

You might have heard several times about VPN and might have used it to open a few intercontinental sites but you are not aware of its main purpose. The main purpose of a VPN is the provision of a secure network connection.

It helps in hiding IP addresses. Companies use VPNs in order to secure their data and dodge hackers by not showing their exact location.

5.    Set smart passwords and properly manage them

Last but the simplest measure that you can take to protect consumer data is to set smart passwords and timely update them. That is one of the simplest things one can do to protect his consumer’s data.

However, the password you create must have an intelligent combination that a hacker can not crack. For instance, a fusion of alphabetic and numeric characters, symbols, and capitalization, can make a strong password. However numerous companies prefer to use encryption routes in order to maintain the highest layer of security.