Why Should You Prefer Plantable Wedding Invitation Cards

What’s more exciting than planning for your wedding? Wedding cards are the first thing that indicates the beginning of the celebrations. A wedding card is a reflection of the couple’s personality, and it deserves to be a little unusual and attractive. From design and colour to the invitation message, nothing must be ordinary. 

Plantable wedding invitation cards are one of the popular choices in today’s time. These cards are the perfect match for people who are concerned about environmental damage. These eco-friendly cards let your attendees grow flowers after reading the message on them, as the cards have flowers or plant seeds inside them. Let’s explore more about these cards.

Benefits of choosing plantable cards

Grow flowers

What do you think your guests are going to do with the invitation card after reading the message written on it? Unfortunately, a maximum of them are going to through those cards in the dirty dustbin. Sounds creepy right? 

The good news is you can avoid this by sending them the plantable cards. After they read the card and capture your special day’s date, they will plant the card in the soil as it contains flower seeds. Your wedding card is going to grow into beautiful flowers and add to their garden’s grace. Is it not amazing that your big day and love for each other will be remembered every time they glance at the plant? 

Benefits the environment

You are contributing a little to lowering the environmental damage by opting for this option. Not only are you growing more plants, but you are also saving the existing trees. The cards are eco-friendly and are created using recycled paper. Therefore, no trees are cut down for manufacturing the cards.

You are not just saving the environment but promoting this trend among others as well. This way, you are an inspiration for others to move towards eco-friendly practices. More and more people will adopt this trend once you initiate this trend.

It is a kind of gift

It is a card that is not just an invitation but a gift as well. The card is innovative as it offers a chance to provide a little gift to the guests. The flowers grown in their backyard or a flower pot will always give them a glimpse of your wedding ceremony and the precious moments they had with you. 

Besides, it will also help their gardens to attract more wildlife, such as butterflies and bees. Several people have admired and adopted this unique style of wedding invitation in Australia.

Where to find these cards?

Being popular in the prevailing time, you can easily find online or offline stores customising plantable wedding invitations in Australia. You can list down your requirements for the card, for example, deciding on the colour, design, special message and everything else you desire in your wedding invitation. Now, you can explore different retailers and select the one that seems perfect to fulfil your needs.

Get your welcome message ready to print on these stunning cards. Some manufacturers may allow you to customise or design your own card according to your design. 

Final thoughts

We all are indirectly or directly impacting the environment in multiple ways. While travelling, using plastic products, and doing various other regular chores, we are unknowingly causing damage to the planet. The use of plantable wedding invitations certainly is not a primary contributor to lowering the adverse impacts. However, it is a small initiative that can be spread to several people and raise a concern about the environmental damage among them. You can use this innovative method to take a step towards a green environment.