understanding cycles of fashion

What Is A Fashion Cycle?

A period of life span or a duration, during which the fashion exists is called the fashion cycle. It moves through the five stages from introduction to obsolescence.

Fashions are divided into four seasons that are Spring / Summer (SS), Autumn/Winter (AW), Resort, and Pre-Fall. AW and SS fashion weeks are held in Milan, Paris, New York, and London.

Fashions are mainly defined as the popular latest styles used by people in their clothing, decorations, hairstyles, behaviors, and even overall lifestyles. A fashion cycle is regarded as a natural cycle by which a society is introduced to a certain fashion trend, its rise to mainstream fame, decline, and the final rejection to the obsolescence stage. It can be broken down into the following five stages.

Introduction: It is the first stage when a new style enters the fashion world. This newly introduced style can be of various types as it may be an outfit worn by a celebrity or a measured effort from a manufacturer. It can be part of a new haute couture design during fashion week. At this stage, the style is usually available in meager amounts from a few different retailers or designers, often at a high price.

Rise / Increase in Popularity: At the second stage of the fashion cycle, also known as the “fashion acceptance” or the “fashion rise”, the newly introduced style begins gaining impetus or momentum. It finds its tract in the fashion industry. It gains the official label of “trend”. During this rise stage, more leading fashion icons wear outfits that include the idea, from social media influencers to celebrities. It increases the demands of the consumers. As a result of this rise by such fashion influencers or models, more retail stores will start carrying the trend.

Peak of Popularity/Culmination: In the peak stage, the trend has attained a full extent of saturation in the public. Many daily consumers begin wearing the trend. Here, fashion is at its peak for a sufficiently longer duration. When a fashion is at its culmination, it may be in such demand that many manufacturers copy it or produce suitability for pricing at many levels. These knockoffs or imitations of expensive products cast either a resentful or flattering effect on the original designers.

The production of volume requires a probability of mass acceptance and thus the careful observation of the sales trends is essential. The customers want mainstream fashion clothes.

Decline: When too many trendy items become oversaturated in the market, it      creates boredom and monotony. As so many copies are produced and eventually people get tired of the style and want something unique and versatile now. So, the stage of decline or downfall of that fashion arrives. Declines are even faster. Consumers no longer want to buy fashion items at regular prices. So, these declining styles are put on sale racks, hoping that new merchandise shall make a difference.

Obsolescence/ Rejection of a Style: With the passage of time, strong disagreement about the style occurs. The sales in the decline stage reach their lowest level. So, here comes the last phase of the fashion cycle, called Obsolescence. The previous fashion items become outdated or obsolete due to their repetitive use and publicity. This rejection or discarding of a style is known as consumer obsolescence. Because the style becomes out of fashion now.

This is what someone truly said:

“Fashions move like windstorms.”

And even in the early 1600, Shakespeare was convinced by the reality that:

“Fashion wears out more apparel than the man.”

The whole fashion cycle can be easily depicted as a bell-shaped curve.

So, the change in the fashion process is called a fashion cycle. It is hard to summarize or categorize it without having ample knowledge and understanding of the styles’ adaptations.

Fashion designers always create lucrative accessories for their consumers and are committed to it as it is their passion.

The Autumn/ Winter Fashion Cycle (Aw Fashion Cycle):

Winter brings a lot of behavioral and physical changes in the masses. People now want a seasonal warming style to cope with the drastic chilly environments, especially in southern parts of the world.

Fashions are variable and temporarily cyclical phenomena. The time of winter brings the dire need for warm clothes just as woolen sweaters, scarves, shawls, and caps. But if talk about long-lasting stuff that also saves money due to their increased durability, we cannot ignore the importance of a yellow leather jacket as its warming and sunny look gives special insulation for men’s bodies.

The choice of color, texture, and fabric stuff matters a lot in the fast-moving AW fashion cycle and the quick change of warm and brilliant colors cannot stop buyers from shopping for a leather jacket.

The AW fashion cycle’s length varies from country to country and region to region depending on the duration of autumn and winter there. The sunny and shiny look of a yellow jacket, not only satisfies the needs of the buyers in the cruel winter but also gives them an opportunity for an outing in a snow-covered street or hilly snow-capped high altitudes. This sparkle touch giving unique stylish jackets not only appeases cold stricken stretchy eyes of the consumers but also creates a trendy fashion cycle till the end of the season.

Yellow is a never-out-of-fashion color based on whether its intensity increased or decreased. So the special leather stuff with this trendy vibrant or dull yellow can give a unique comfort to both young and old fellows. There are so many famous leather brands imparting flawless pure varieties of jackets. People choose them according to their needs and vogues in their region. Among these famous brands, Leatheriza Affinity, HIDES Canada, Saint Laurent, FLAVOR, and Tom Ford are making excellence among the consumers.

The yellow leather jacket never gets outdated stabilizing the recurring fashion cycle seasonally, particularly in the west where yellow is always considered the color of optimism, energy, joy, happiness, and friendship. So, once bought, this amazingly useful leather jacket for men, shows long-lasting existence and saves money for youngsters who do have not to buy it again and again in every recurring AW fashion cycle.


The fashion cycle is a combination of the rise, popularity, and decline while accepting a style. Fashion is accepted and chased by the consumer at first as a seasonal requirement. These may be recurring depending on their demand and availability according to the season. The fashion cycles move quickly as the season changes.