Take care of your Boat and be Safe with these Essential Boat parts

Boat parts from PartsVu

Your boat should be taken care of just like your car. Repairs are required for certain things that might happen on the water. A basic mechanic’s toolkit should be included in every boat. You should also have spare parts on hand in case of an emergency. These items won’t solve every problem but they can handle many of them. Most problems with boats relate to their electrical and fuel systems. Tools to repair your battery and your wiring are essential. Getting boat parts from PartsVu is a perfect choice if you don’t want to compromise on quality.

Essentials for your Boat Tool Kit

There are many tools that could be useful for a boat. These are not the most difficult. We’ll only cover the essentials. These should always be onboard.


A high-quality set is essential. Invest at least in Phillips and slotted. But make sure they are well-made.

Socket Set

You should look for a socket with a 3/8-inch drive (3/8’’ – 13/16’’). For tight spaces, get a wobble extension. For removing spark plugs, a fitted socket is essential.


There are some worth investing in. If the propeller is having trouble, a good prop wrench can help. However, you can use any open or box wrench (3/16′” – 1″) to fix the problem. Also, consider purchasing crescent wrenches (8” and 12″‘) and a pipe wrench (1 3/4”). It is also worth investing in a complete set of Allen wrenches.


There are many types of needle noses. You should consider a regular pair as well as a needle nose. Vise-Grips are also a great idea. You can complete the set with channel lock pliers.


A hammer can be a vital tool in an emergency situation.A hammer is useful for removing or forcing something into place.

Wire Cutters/Strippers

There are many issues that can affect your electrical system. It is essential to be able to cut and strip wire. A good choice is a crimper. You should look for one that does all of these jobs simultaneously.

Volt/Ohm Meter

It is a good idea to keep a multimeter and voltmeter handy. This will allow you to find any shorts in your wiring.

Hacksaw Plus Spare Blades

A hacksaw makes it easy to cut through tubing and hoses. You can also get a pipe and tubing cutter if you’re feeling fancy.It’s unlikely you will need it often, but who knows?

Tape Measure

This is one of those items you wish you had, even if you forgot it. It can be a real pain. It’s a must-have for any toolbox.This can be used to measure hoses or tubing on your boat. It can also be used to measure everything. It will be useful.


A cordless drill is always a good choice. A high-quality, lithium-ion battery.A complete set of drill bits. This can be very useful at times.

Battery Terminal Puller

Boat battery problems are all too common. Have you ever seen a battery terminal that looked like it was being beaten to death by a hatchet? This is because they didn’t use this tool.

Jumper Cables

How do you fix a dead or low battery?You need jumpers.You should look for jumpers in 4 or 6 gauge.But no more than 8.Get high quality ones.Around 20 feet long.To be safe.It’s never a bad idea to have a good marine battery charger.

Flexible Retrieval Tools

These little things are familiar to you.For extra use, get the magnetic version.At the very least, they should include a claw version as well as a simple magnetic on an adjustable pole.A small mirror is also recommended.These are great for seeing in tight spaces.These are great for finding lost screws and other small bits.


A quality pair of scissors or heavy-duty shears should be kept in your toolbox. Another versatile item is a pair of scissors. Although it doesn’t have any specific purpose, they can be useful a dozen times.

Spare Parts for Your Toolbox

Right? You also need spares for your boat. All of these are essential items that you should have.


Some boaters find this contentious. It can be heavy. It can also be very expensive. It can even become deadly if it is left unattended for too long. It’s a lifesaver when a dead battery can’t be charged. This is a case where you need to play it by ear.


A boat fuse can explode at any moment. You should keep several ratings handy. These ratings can be damaged by lighting, radios, or stereos. It’s better to be prepared than sorry.


Keep a few spares of each type you use on hand. It is never a good idea to lose your navigation lights at night. These lights are vital for the safety and the safety of other boaters.

Fuel filters

Your boat will be inoperable if your fuel system is damaged. There are many issues with fuel. Sometimes it is as easy as overfilling with bad fuel. It could also be contaminated by water, debris, and other contaminants. You can get your engine back on track with a new filter. You can get all types of boat parts from VU at affordable prices.

Other Filters

Oil filters and air filters should be kept on hand.These protect your boat from further damage.


Don’t forget to change your oil.A spare quart oil can make a big difference if your engine leaks. Although you might be limping home, you will not be lost.

Transmission Fluid

This is an oil reserve that you should keep in your vehicle. Although it’s unlikely that your engine will suffer a catastrophic failure, it can be used to save the day.


A spare impeller should be available for each water pump. They don’t tend to break as easily as they should, but they do wear out more quickly than they should. It is easy to replace them. However, if you lose one and have no replacements, it can cause serious damage to the engine. The engine can overheat and then shut down. You’ll be dead in the water.


When your engine’s belt snaps, it is dead. To ensure that your engine can continue to run, keep spares on hand.

Hose clamps

A few lengths of rubber hose are handy. These can be used as fuel lines and hydraulic lines in an emergency. To seal the lines, keep the clamps close at hand. Clamps in a variety of sizes are needed. They can be used to hold old or new lines during an emergency. Sometimes, they can be used to hold a towel or some plastic around the leaking line. You can only hold it until you reach the dock.

Spark Plugs

These can get fouled or damaged just like your car’s engine. You will need to replace it if that happens. To be safe, keep at least one spare. Purchase spare boat parts from VU at a fraction of the cost.